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Today we all post photos of what we ate, our feet as we sit on the beach, our pets and certainly our selfies. This is a time when we are communicating our lives, feelings, political stances and major events using social media.

I have heard the saying that everyone loves to talk about himself or herself, but I find that is not necessarily true. People love to talk about their business, their families and other areas of their passion and focus. But many times people will say, “Oh I am not that important,” or “Why would anyone want to read about me?”

Did you know that advertising campaigns combining printed advertising with Internet (online) advertising achieve a much higher response rate than an internet-only campaign? This is according to a study, The Print Campaign Analysis, conducted by Millward Brown.

By Ruth Lauber Expos are more popular than ever. While an online presence is part of any business marketing plan, people still want to meet...

I attend many networking events, mixers, charity events and trade shows. It is important to meet people, many of whom are potential clients. What happens after you trade business cards? Do they go into a drawer or box? Do you forget about everyone you have met except for a few promising leads? That is a big mistake.

What if you work virtually? Remember, people can still hear it in your voice. If you have an attitude of success, it will come through. What about Facetime, Skype or Periscope? People still form opinions visually and audibly and you need to exude success no matter the medium.

Lauber’s goal is to advise clients and prospective advertisers on how to create marketing and advertising that will help their businesses grow.

Marketing your practice should be looked at in the same way as marketing any other household product—building brand consistency and loyalty are the keys to success,

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Sharry Quillin has always loved this city. As an entrepreneur at an early age, Quillin discovered she had a knack for business and a gift of selling. Now media specialist and CFO of Quillin Advertising, Public Relations and Social Media, she married into the advertising business.

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