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If the recent times had you spending more time with your family, you might have noticed that some aging loved ones may need to consider senior care, you are not alone.

Living on The Edge by Roselyn Poon
What comes to mind when you think of the type of people who live on the edge? Maybe adventurers, adrenalin junkies, risk takers, extreme sportsmen, gamblers, people who choose to live a life you consider dangerous?

Living Younger Longer
Aging is inevitable; however, old age is optional because it’s personal. You can decide if you are old or simply of an age. Aging and old age affects all of us sooner or later; the trick is deferring old age to as late as possible by introducing lifestyle changes now.

Your Financial Health
Women, more than men, often doubt their abilities to make sound financial decisions, and as a result women often let their husbands, partners, or significant others handle planning for retirement or investing in the stock market

Finding your Calm
I am no stranger to ducking at life coming at me full speed ahead with my hands over my head, crouching in a ball and my eyes sealed shut! Life is awfully gritty.

Financial Complexities
In November, viewers watched while Hoda Kotb announced her engagement to Joel Schiffman on the “Today” show. The 55-year-old morning show icon and breast cancer survivor shocked her co-hosts and viewers alike with her surprise on-air announcement.

More Than Just Medicine
A very common topic people seek therapy for are ways to increase overall health and well-being, and to reduce anxiety and depression, even for just common forms of worry or blue moods/sad times.

Renae and Leon Iunco met over three decades ago while they were working at the beach. Each made a lasting impression on the other and Renae, to this day, can remember exactly what Leon looked like, sitting on a barstool.

The original draft of my editor’s letter sits untouched, collecting dust in the documents folder of my laptop. It was written about two weeks before the world was flipped upside down as we entered an unknown territory for almost anyone alive today: quarantine 2020.

It’s the newest sensation—every item, from our coffee-stained T-shirt to a mediocre book, is given pause for us to consider if it “sparks joy.”