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The fall season has arrived. The kids have been out of school enjoying water parks, camp and all sorts of fun activities. Even adult work schedules shift into a slower paced rhythm—fewer deadlines and meandering lunches sprinkled liberally with long weekends and vacation days.

This is my latest lesson in making careful choices when it comes to feeding dogs. Like people, some dogs can eat any and everything, and some dogs cannot. Whether you cook for your dogs, as I do, or feed commercial kibble, one choice doesn’t fit all.

"You don’t have any kids.” Those words from my sister are one of the reasons why I’ve become a Pet Mom.

"My dog doesn’t bite.” I am amazed when someone approaches me with a dog either the same size as mine or smaller and utters those words. I am stunned when adults allow small children to approach a huge Akita.

Every year, on the second Sunday in May, Americans celebrate Mother’s Day. We honor maternity and shower mothers with cards, gifts, flowers and restaurant visits.

In honor of National Pizza Week, TREVI Italian Restaurant, located at The Forum Shops at Caesars, hosted a pizza cook-off featuring local news personalities competing for charity.

Let’s talk about the differences between service animals and therapy animals. Let’s talk about how vital spay and neuter policies are to eliminating pet euthanasia, and to the overall health of all of our pets. Let’s talk about the challenges of raising children with pets. Raising my fur-kids is enough of a second job. Women who raise both are my heroes.

The event will recognize the American Humane Association Hero Dog Award nominees, Sergeant Michael Malarsie and his dog Xxon

We all have gifts, and we’re supposed to use those God-given gifts to serve others. But sometimes it’s not easy sorting out what our gifts are or how we should use them.

Dear Friends of Nevada SPCA: We are hosting our 1st annual celebrity bowling tournament called Out of the Gutters on Sunday August 11th at 1pm...