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Mother and Infant
The facilities feel like a home with private treatment rooms and comfortable accommodations for consultations. The process is structured so that care, concern and support remain constant throughout the process.

Tammy Grabel - Publisher
The holidays are upon us and amongst all religions there’s a common thread that runs through this time of year: family.

Since 1996, this team of fellowship-trained maternal-fetal medicine physicians has been providing an extra dose of TLC to women with pregnancies complicated by chronic conditions, genetic issues and risk factors such as age and prematurity.

Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Along with the team of doctors, the Fertility Center also offers nutrition and fitness advice from registered dietician, medical nutritionist and certified personal trainer, Lory Hayon.

Having a healthy uterus is essential to qualify as a gestational carrier. Then both the parents and the gestational carrier must be screened for infectious diseases and the carrier is also psychologically screened.

Helping make dreams of having a family come true By Regina Arnold Women who donate their eggs are helping to fulfill another woman’s dream to become...

Having the resources to screen out genetic disorders before you conceive your baby may be ideal for every future parent.

We did it! After countless doctor appointments, seemingly endless blood work appointments, 24-hour urine collections (you don’t even want to know!), too many pounds gained...

Glamourmom Sleepwear Nursing Long Tank and Loungewear Pajama Pants Whether pregnant or nursing, any new mom desires comfort. Give it to her with this soft,...

In our spring issue, I announced to the world (ok, Las Vegas) that I was expecting my first child and due in the fall....