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Las Vegas Inspired Closets Design Showroom Grand Opening
Inspired Closets opened their first industry-leading designer showroom in Las Vegas. The company mission is simple: to replace disorganized, stressful spaces with organized, inspired ones.

Las Vegas Woman Magazine Winter Cover Party
Over 1,100 volunteers completed 52 projects at 35 organizations and schools throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Bringing the community together to build hope and healing, this community-wide act of kindness wrapped up 1 October Remembrance Week.

Las Vegas Fashion Council Week of Fashion
Campaign results from the 2019 #LightTheWorld global giving campaign were announced at Downtown Summerlin, one of ten locations worldwide and the only location in Las Vegas to host Giving Machines.

LDUNA Aesthetics and Wellness Center Grand Opening
LDUNA Aesthetics and Wellness Center, designed to explore and introduce the future of advance treatments for the purposes of anti-aging, wellness and aesthetics, hosted a grand opening celebration.

Get Out and Play
Do you want to know the secret to perfect health and well-being? If I could bottle up this secret and sell it, I would be incredibly rich.

Changing the Landscape of Leadership
They say it takes a village to raise a family, but if there is another thing that we have learned, it is that we need a community to build us up and stand alongside us when we need the support. The women profiled here have proven that they are out to impact positive change within our community.

If the recent times had you spending more time with your family, you might have noticed that some aging loved ones may need to consider senior care, you are not alone.

Break Your Addiction to Codependent Relationships
If you’ve found yourself in a cycle of codependent relationships, rest assured that there is a way out. Learning how to overcome codependency will take some deep inner work, but with the help of mindfulness meditation, this process can become much easier.

Trending Apps
Technology is always advancing. Whether it is protecting your online presence, staying on top of your goals or the convenience of telemedicine, these apps are a must-have.

Living on The Edge by Roselyn Poon
What comes to mind when you think of the type of people who live on the edge? Maybe adventurers, adrenalin junkies, risk takers, extreme sportsmen, gamblers, people who choose to live a life you consider dangerous?