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Virginia Knudsen
Virginia Knudsen is the founder and CEO of BOAR. Her lifelong passion for helping leaders reach their highest potential, not only in business but also in their everyday life, motivated her to create a unique mastermind entity that addresses people’s growth from a holistic point of view.

Kimberly A. Malloy
Kimberly Malloy, MS, LMFT is the founder of Center for Relational Health-LV and recently appointed executive coach for BOAR. In private practice since 2009, Malloy’s extensive background in corporate training, providing customer service, leadership, management and all forms of personal development for large corporate and small local companies.

Sonia Petkewich
Sonia Petkewich is the founder and CEO of Taurean Consulting Group (TCG). TCG is a 100% woman-owned, Las Vegas IT staffing and project solutions company built on deep relationships, with over 25 years of experience in technology staffing.

Fashion Flair ECCOCI
From floral appliques and embroidery to bright hues and prints, the vibrant hallmarks of spring have inspired these irresistible designs in Eccoci’s new collection. Start your day with savvy sophistication.

Your Financial Health
Women, more than men, often doubt their abilities to make sound financial decisions, and as a result women often let their husbands, partners, or significant others handle planning for retirement or investing in the stock market

Power In Numbers
As winter slowly falls upon us in Las Vegas, one of the most revered seasonal traditions is taking a drive to the nearby, local mountains for a relaxing day of playing in the snow, challenging the slopes or enjoying lunch at the Mt. Charleston Lodge.

Finding your Calm
I am no stranger to ducking at life coming at me full speed ahead with my hands over my head, crouching in a ball and my eyes sealed shut! Life is awfully gritty.

Financial Complexities
In November, viewers watched while Hoda Kotb announced her engagement to Joel Schiffman on the “Today” show. The 55-year-old morning show icon and breast cancer survivor shocked her co-hosts and viewers alike with her surprise on-air announcement.

More Than Just Medicine
A very common topic people seek therapy for are ways to increase overall health and well-being, and to reduce anxiety and depression, even for just common forms of worry or blue moods/sad times.

wines & dines
Dining out has never tasted so good and supporting local has never felt as good and it does post-quarantine. As you get back out there, consider supporting these local hot spots.