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Walk us through a typical day in your shoes. On work days, it begins with 5:30 a.m. coffee and TV news in bed ‘till...

As the economy improves and the construction is starting to grow again, Amy Brissette remains the only female commercial construction superintendent working in the Southern Nevada region.

Kristin Cogburn is a co-founder and law partner of Cogburn Law Offices, which specializes in personal injury and consumer law, including short sales and loan modifications.

By Shannon R. Wilson, Attorney Divorce is a topic no one really wants to contemplate, even when it feels inevitable. Worse still is when out...

s summer barrels around the corner, we Las Vegans find ways to “beat the heat.” We either enjoy the beautiful summer nights, or we wake up early for outdoor activities. A fun activity that allows you to do both is to use the morning hours to create inexpensive outdoor furniture that you can enjoy in the evenings (because very few things are as beautiful as Vegas summer nights).

]t is our natural tendency to want more and more. We want more joy and more pleasure. We want more knowledge, more time and more prosperity. All of this wanting has resulted in becoming all about getting. We’re all motivated to GET the most out of life.

We are exposed to blue light daily. The sun emits both UV light and blue light. The high-energy blue-violet light is in the shorter wavelength of the light spectrum. In our businesses and homes, the newer, more cost-efficient lighting such as LED lighting and compact fluorescent lighting give off blue light.

Veteran motor sports reporter Jamie Little joined FOX NASCAR for its 15th season, bringing 13 years of broadcasting experience and a lifetime of racing knowledge to her pit reporting duties in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR XFINITY Series. Her assignments also include select additional races and special events throughout the year.

After spending years in the gaming and hospitality industry as an executive for over 20 years, Las Vegas native Kim Miramontes has changed careers. She is now the owner and general manager of College Nannies and Tutors.

Hyundai Superstore understands that purchasing a vehicle is a big investment. Their goal is to make the experience easy and enjoyable. They also understand that technology and innovation are important factors when it comes to a car purchasing experience.