Breaking the “curse” 

By Debbie Hall 

The location of the new Hotel California Restaurant & Cantina has not been lucky for the other restaurants that have opened and closed there. But owner Jimmy Maddin has faith that his new eatery will be successful. As homage to the previous businesses, he offers a specialty drink, The Jinx, made from fresh oranges, Jose Cuervo, apricot liqueur and sage. On opening night, a local Shaman performed a sage burning to bless the restaurant, spiritually cleanse any negativity left behind by the previous owners and bring good luck to the new endeavor. 

With more than 40 years of experience in hospitality management and food and beverage operations, Maddin was up to the challenge. He remodeled the property with a spacious indoor dining area, an open-air outdoor patio, a unique Man Cave cigar lounge and Mezcal bar. 

Maddin explained why he chose to open a restaurant during the present economy that featured this cuisine, “I believe as a country our focus on healthy eating is not at its true potential. As a member of the Las Vegas community, I saw a need for healthy cuisine and that is a main reason why I came out of retirement and opened Hotel California Restaurant & Cantina.”

Executive Chef Martin San Roman and his staff created menu options including tuna carpaccio, pulpitos al mesquite (mesquite grilled octopus), soups, salads and other healthy choices. The cuisine also features tropical fruit and chili sauces in signature dishes such as lime-marinated ceviche de tijuana, flautas de pato (slow roasted duck), arrachera marinada (marinated beef steak with house made spice rub), pollo al mole Rosarito (Achiote marinated grilled chicken breast), and Baja tuna salad with grilled ahi tuna and cucumbers. There is also a special children’s menu that features grilled chicken scaloppini, ham and cheese quesadillas, and cheese pizza.

Baja California Restaurant and Cantina

1050 S. Rampart Blvd.