By Jennifer Florendo
Photo by Eric Ita Photography

He’s just a southern boy from Virginia living his dreams in the desert. Jaymes Vaughan plays a dual role as the lead singer for “Chippendales The Show” and “Show in the Sky,” both at the Rio All-Suite hotel and Casino. In his free time, Vaughan emcees for many events and nonprofit organizations like Aid for AIDS of Southern Nevada. This fall, you can see him competing on the CBS show “The Amazing Race” with best friend, and fellow Chippendale, James Davis. Follow Jaymes on Twitter @JaymesV.

1Walk us through a typical day in your shoes.
Being in two shows on the strip, my day really gets going at night. I arrive at the Rio Hotel at 5 p.m. to get ready for my first performance of “Show in the Sky.” By 6 p.m., I’m onstage and it’s nonstop from there. “Show in the Sky” is hourly and I literally run, yes sprint back and forth, between shows to get up to “Chippendales” to perform. I’m on stage for seven hours straight, so by the time my night ends at 12:30 a.m., I head into Flirt Lounge at The Rio for an after-show meet and greet before heading home, making dinner, taking a shower and falling asleep to the sounds of “Family Guy” on my television.

2Have you ever purchased any As Seen on TV Items?
Only all of them. I’m a sucker for inventions. They usually never work, but dang it I give ‘em the benefit of the doubt. I just ordered that bacon cooker thing. We’ll see how that turns out.

3If you could destroy a grade-school photo of yourself, what year would it be and why?
Seventh grade. It was my first battle with braces. Yes my first. I was lucky enough to endure them twice.

4While grocery shopping, what is your stick-in-the-cart-when-no one-is-looking item?
I’m a guy; we don’t care what’s in our cart, right? Oh wait, you mean those trashy gossip magazines I usually look at while I checkout? Oh yeah, you weren’t supposed to see those.

5If we were to look through your iPod (or phone) what is on your top hit list or playlist or favorite app?
My Camera+ app, I love taking pictures of everything. I used to have a major phobia of cameras because I was such an awkward kid with very low self-esteem, and I missed out on capturing so many memories. Now I believe in documenting everything because you never get a second chance to make that same memory.

6Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter and why?
My mom just got a Twitter account. Seriously. I think it was so she could follow my brothers and me, but the more fun part is following her. I don’t think she’s quite figured it out yet, which can get quite entertaining. Love you Mom.

7What is on your holiday wish list or give list this year?
A new home for my parents. I know that sounds like a pretty lofty give/wish list item this year, but my dad (who has always been my No. 1 fan and always supported my dreams) is battling cancer right now and I would absolutely love to get my parents into a situation where they have nothing to worry about except my dad getting better.

8Are you a believer in New Year’s resolutions or a breaker of them?
Why wait until New Year’s to make a change? I believe the only guarantee you have is today. In fact on my mirror in my dressing room I wrote (in permanent) marker, “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?” to remind myself never to wait until tomorrow, on anything.

“Show in the Sky” runs Thursday-Sunday, every hour on the hour from 6 p.m.-11 p.m. Catch “Chippendales” nightly at 8:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. in the Chippendales Theater at The Rio.

If you’d like to win a Chippendales prize pack, just leave a comment right here, on “The Great 8 with Jaymes Vaughan” A winner will be drawn on or around Jan. 15, 2013.


  1. I just happened to be looking at Las Vegas Woman Magazine after the Amazing Race and was surprized to see the same guy on the show profiled in the magazine. Its too bad Jaymes and his friend James didn’t win. Makes me want to see the Chippendale Show now.