Fearless Females: Rosie Mercado

Redefines Beauty and Success

Rosie MercadoTo label Rosie Mercado simply as a plus-size Latina model is an understatement. Not only is she a celebrity makeup artist, actress, radio personality, host, community philanthropist, and single mother of three, she is also today’s antithesis to models half her size and an inspiration for plus-size women all over the globe.

Mercado grew up in Las Vegas and was exposed to tall, thin women working as showgirls, cocktail waitresses, dealers, entertainers and models. “I never saw plus-size women in the industry and I always had the question in the back of my mind of why,” said Mercado, “I love the sparkle and glamour of Las Vegas but also always felt that I didn’t fit in because of my size. This has been a driving force to accomplish plus-size diversity in the entertainment industry.”

As for mentors, Mercado first credits her father, “who has always been a visionary in all the businesses he has created, always has been supportive of my life dreams, and has been there for me in the moments of triumph and moments that I have hit rock bottom.” She also acknowledges life coach Anthony Robbins. “I am a graduate of Mastery University 2012, and I had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and learn about wealth, health, spirituality, and the meaning of success,” Mercado said.

There were a few women that Mercado looked up to in the entertainment industry. “I always wanted to have someone to look up to and felt that there were very few ladies that I will never forget like Jennifer Lopez and Queen Latifah,” she explained.

Mercado got her big break in 2009 at The Miss Plus America Pageant, winning the runway competition and being crowned Miss Nevada Plus America, then being featured on Taboo National Geographic and appearing on the reality television show “Curvy Girls” on NuVo TV.

Mercado’s modeling profile includes Miss Plus America Covergirl, Miss Plus America Runway Model, Miss Plus America People’s Choice, the face of Full Figure Fashion Week 2010, Curvy Qt, Oscar Picazo Book, Curvy Girl Clothing and Igigi. She has been featured in magazines like Miss Mexico International, Plus Model magazine, SKORCH, Manik, New Beauty and Daily Venus magazine.

Mercado has created Bellisima, a cosmetic collection built upon art, fashion, and classical Hollywood glamor with a mission to “help every woman celebrate herself through self-confidence, knowledge, and unique beauty.”

She also works with famed designers such as Yuliya Raquel, Larissa Navarro and Jill Alexander because they understand her ideas and vision in blending chic elegance and trends in wardrobe to reflect the personality of women while transforming them into models.

Mercado has no regrets. “I am thankful for my past because it has brought me to my future, and it’s in the tough moments that I didn’t fit in that made me stronger and help me find the beauty of being in my own skin, the confidence and passion to go after my dream and truly living the life of my dreams,” she said.

As for advice, not just entering the world of modeling, but for life choices, Mercado said, “Always remember that a plan without a strategy is just a wish. It takes passion, drive, vision and persistence to accomplish anything that you want. Understand your values and always base your decisions on those values. I guarantee you that the path where your decisions lead will be the one you are destined to be on. Enjoy the journey and always have gratitude for the people, moments and opportunities you get to experience.” It is obvious Mercado embodies qualities that make her a Fearless Female.

By Debbie Hall
Photos by Connie Palen