Arts Guide Fall 2014

rink stacy princess ladyboysArtist Stacy Rink has been described as a sparkly, fluffy unicorn with a funky dark side. She’s mysterious, almost mythical, and her art is amazing and incredibly controversial more often than not. Growing up in Norman, Okla., having a family in law enforcement and moving around as a child, finally attending high school in Colorado Springs, Colo., then the University of Texas at Austin, it’s easy to see where a sense of humor and even a bit of a dark side could really be beneficial in dealing with changing surroundings.

Many people would have not been able to accept the challenges of this but Rink thrived on it through artistic expression.

College in Austin was artistically great for Rink and would have been musically uninspiring had it not been for a late-night DJ and the only person who played “the music that the cool kids liked, even in someplace like Austin.” While Austin is known for its music, its often more mainstream than off-beat and to find the kinds of bands she could relate to on the radio was inspirational to her. While she worked on her art while listening to the man she would one day marry. “Of course, I had to ask him, we flew to Vegas and went through one of those drive-through wedding chapels and that was that.”

rink stacy lolli sistersThey travelled around as well and found themselves in Wichita, Kan. where there was a Boeing surplus shop. It was there that she got into making art with layers of plexiglass because it was readily available. Her art on acetate would appear to be floating on the plex and gave an incredible dimensional quality. When they moved to Las Vegas, plexi glass was more challenging to find so she adapted her art for canvas and that’s the media she currently uses. Her most recent works have been shown at Container Park where she took pop-culture icons like Star Wars Storm Troopers and mixed them irreverently with iconic images of early 18th century fashion and Christianity in a show certain to provoke some and delight many others. In October she plans to display her work at Blackbird Arts, Inc. in a show called Kinky, taking a look at human sexuality, Las Vegas’s neon culture, and will have an obvious suggestive tone. She plans to have interactive installations, the details of which will have to be witnessed in person.

rink stacy circle jerk number one“Each show is different. I mean, sure I enjoy the shock value, who doesn’t, but it isn’t about that. It’s about making art that I feel is compelling, visually appealing and engaging to the viewer. Sure some may not be into what I’ve done but then not every artist can be appealing to every person,” she said.

Something surprising about our sparkly, fluffy unicorn is that she doesn’t have your typical day job. She’s a mechanic for the company who manufactures the accordion-style busses used by the Regional Transportation Commission on several of their more-travelled routes where they don’t use the Deuce (double decker) style busses. They are a company out of Northern Ireland and the company plans to move Rink and her husband, long time employees, to Northern Ireland in 2015. While it will surely be our loss, Rink plans to keep in touch with her Las Vegas friends and is eager to see what the future holds for her as an artist with this amazing new opportunity.

Jessica-KennedyMother, instructor, entrepreneur, graphic designer, philanthropist and writer; Jessica Kennedy, a Midwestern native, participates with several local philanthropic organizations including the Las Vegas Hospitality Association, the Clark County Artists Guild, College of Southern Nevada Foundation Gala Committee, Metro Arts Council and Blackbird Arts, Inc./Blackbird Studios.