By Sasha P. Rincon

Specialty: Cosmetic Surgeon

“I am a life-long student, teacher and innovator with a passion for cosmetic surgery who just plain enjoys people.“

Each person has their own definition of beauty as it applies to the human face and body. These definitions vary widely. Whatever your definition of beauty, Dr. Edward Zimmerman named Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Las Vegas for 2014 by Best of Silver State Awards makes it clear that it all begins with building a culture of taking care of people.

Dr. Z (as he is affectionately known as) and his staff have won the Excellence in Customer Care award from CMUS Talk of the Town annually beginning in 2010.

What does it mean winning Talk of the Town year after year?
My staff are ambassadors; it’s who and what they do. They are the reason we’ve won this award year after year. When interviewing for positions on my staff, I use an Advanced Human Assessment technology, The Ultimate Life Tool ( This technology relates WHAT a person is to their physical presentation. Knowing what a person is and where they are in their cycle of life, enables me to give the right job to the right person at the right time. The job gets done and the person feels fulfilled and appreciated. It’s empowering to all. It helps me be a better boss, a better physician and a better human. We have designed and refined our staff to be concierges, at every stage of patient interaction. They echo our philosophy of offering excellent care, outcome and economy, with the least side effects, and greatest safety.

What’s your practice philosophy?
I am a life-long student, teacher and innovator with a passion for cosmetic surgery who just plain enjoys people. Our mission statement is “to realistically evaluate, educate and supply appropriate, exceptional, safe and caring aesthetic medical services to each and every patient we serve, utilizing accepted techniques and state-of-the-art technologies coupled with respect and honesty”.

How do you put clients at ease with their decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure?
It starts when the client emails or calls. They are seeking reassurance that they will be in good hands. Seeing the detailed information on our procedures, products and services on our website also helps folks feel, “yeah, they listen, they will understand what I want.” All of my staff are walking examples of my work. Each can speak of their personal experience leading up to, during and after their procedures. Staff rotates watching procedures as we continually update techniques and technologies. We hold monthly meetings where we discuss these changes and how to improve patient care. As a nationally accredited, office-based surgical facility, we are continually seeking measurable ways to improve quality and outcome. We document these studies to maintain our licensing.

Patients initially meet one of my patient educators. My wife [Marilyn Zimmerman] is one of them. She is a highly perceptive gal, active in the cosmetic surgery industry and teaching for over a decade. She is able to “see” people, articulate the things they need to enhance their cosmeses diplomatically, and help them feel more comfortable. New patients are encouraged to browse through the before and after pictures of other patients who have had similar procedures to further educate themselves. She is also great at assuring that patients are getting the right procedures done for the “right” reasons.

When I meet the patient, we look at their digital photos, discuss the options again, review their history, and do a focused exam. We assure that the patient understands the issues, procedure, recovery and long term goals. We enjoy our patients and learn from and about them during every visit. For a time, they become part of our “family”. They enjoy our very positive vibe, and the education and services that we offer. I often tell patients “You’re great the way you are …can I tell you about the newer technologies we have that make rejuvenation more comfortably, with quicker recovery?” I teach around the world, so I get to see innovative technologies before they gets to the United States. Lifetime student…lifetime teacher!

What excites you the most about consistently staying on the pulse of it all?
Keeping safety at the forefront is the main focus. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and techniques that help to achieve that goal is something to get excited about. For example, using thermal imaging (like satellites use) helps us know the distribution of the temperature inside and outside an area of tissue that we are precisely heating to tighten or mold during every moment of the treatment. We now use a Neuro-Stimulator to map out motor nerves, helping us to avoid them during delicate facial surgery and neck and jowl liposculpting. That enhances safety and outcome, precision and outcome. Better outcomes make happier patients. We’re all about the happy!

What would you like to see evolve in your field in the next five to ten years?
We’re getting a better understanding of stem cells, how to utilize them to assist in health and rejuvenation, optimal weight control, and eliminating inflammation which is an appealing ongoing development. The idea is not just to live long, but live well. Then folks want to look as good as they feel. Soon, stem cells may be manipulated or coerced into becoming part of the treatment for a kidney going bad or chronic lung disease. This science will eventually be applied to fixing the outside (appearance) more easily and better than what we accomplish with our current techniques and technologies. Stem cells may revolutionize hair restoration in the next decade. Tomorrow’s light and laser technology will likely induce and accelerate cellular rejuvenation and decrease inflammation. It’s exciting to be part of this evolution!

It’s evident your passion is what you do, how did you arrive to it?
We are here to be of service. Working with people who take joy in the things we are able to achieve with today’s best technologies makes it all worth it and will lead to tomorrow’s innovations. How did I arrive to my practice of cosmetic surgery? It found me! I was the only son of two Jewish parents. Dad was into international banking and corporate mergers and Mom was a juried artist who was Staff Aide to a US senator and tutored English on the side. I wanted to be a fireman, or marine biologists growing up, but my high school chemistry teacher recommended me for a science preceptorship at the National Bureau of Standards, outside Washington DC… and the rest, as they say, is history!

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