By Allison Duck

Gina Carano - ActressActress, fighter and Las Vegas local Gina Carano was born into the world of fighting. With her father on the Nevada Athletic Commission, Carano was exposed to fighting from a young age though it wasn’t until she discovered Muay Thai that she saw potential for a career as a fighter. After many successful years, Carano switched gears and pursued acting. With roles in blockbusters like “Fast & Furious 6,” Carano now takes the leading role in this spring’s “In the Blood.”

Las Vegas Woman magazine: With your recent role in “In The Blood,” you play another tough female character with a fighting background. Are you afraid of becoming typecast?

Gina Carano: So far I have had four very different movie experiences. “In the Blood,” I feel I was able to get more into a character and really appreciate and explore the acting part of it. I grew so much as a person and as an actress. I don’t want to do the same thing in every film. I don’t want to always be the action person. Expressing emotion in “In the Blood” was one of my highlights. It made me sure that I really do want to do this.

LVWM: I’ve read recently that you would consider a return to MMA. What would it take for you to return?

GC: Training and fighting is something that at my core; has always kind of just balanced me and straightened me out. It’s definitely a passion of mine. It’s something that everybody always asks me about and I think that if circumstances were right and I had enough time to train for it. The UFC and Dana White, or whatever promotion, everybody has to be on the same page. I’m not going to come back and fight if it’s not in the right circumstances. We’ll just see what those are and if it happens, it happens.

LVWM: How is preparing for a movie role like preparing for a fight?

Gina Carano MMA Fighter and ActressGC: Training is one of the best things that you can do. Training focuses you by giving you that goal and then reaching it. I really like that part of the fight business. I can take that mentality to acting and really train for a character and figure out how to get involved emotionally and think what would this character do in these circumstances and research to create the character so when it comes time for filming, I can fluently express how I would view this character. Training is about being passionate about what you’re doing and if you put in hard work, you’ll get better. I think that’s what I’m learning how to do in film.

LVWM: As somebody raised in Las Vegas, what are your favorite things about Sin City?

GC: Definitely the people. They’re such hard-working people in Las Vegas that work around the clock and there is a lot of respect in hard work. I love coming from Las Vegas because I can go to one of the amazing restaurants out in the Boca Park area and spend some time with my family and the quality and atmosphere is just getting so much better. If I have to throw a bachelorette party for a friend, I can go down to the Strip and do it in the highest class way possible. It’s got those two elements and it’s really a classy town that has gone through its ups and downs but there is no other place like it in the world and to have that be my home town, I’m really proud.

Allison DuckA graduate of the University of Virginia, South Carolina native Allison Duck has been loving life in Las Vegas for the past nine years where she works as a writer and editor.