People ask me all the time about raising kids in Las Vegas. Often it’s a person visiting Las Vegas sitting next to me on a flight home to our city of bright lights. I love to tell them, “We put our kids in dealer school as soon as they can count.” Then I wait for a response. Crickets. I almost always have to assure them I’m kidding.

But I am most surprised when someone who lives here asks, “How could anyone raise children here?”

Which begs the question—if it’s not a good place to raise children; then is Las Vegas a good place to live? Who wants to live in a place that’s so void of morality and so full of crime that no child should live there? Not me. Fortunately, that doesn’t describe Las Vegas.

Beth Fisher - Las Vegas, a great place to raise childrenWhen I was working in television news in Medford, Ore., I remember telling my co-anchor (when I dreamed of working in a larger market) that I would never, ever move to Las Vegas. Clearly God had other plans as I was wooed to this city for a job opportunity and made a move I have never regretted.

Every day on Good Morning Las Vegas, I report on positive news. And the truth is, there are so many positive stories—so many great people—I can’t get them all on the air. I will never run out of story ideas. Marie Tomao spends months at Sunset Park training our teens for a 10-day encampment at Camp Pendleton. Keith Davis just rode his bike from Las Vegas to Texas in honor of his niece Holland who died of cancer and raised more than $10.000. Once a month, Laura Chapel drives her truck around to pick up people and their laundry and takes them to a laundromat. She also provides the quarters and the soap. We are meeting folks who are doing their small part to make this home.

But I think the greatest reason Las Vegas works for my family is because my children are being raised by us, not a city. My husband and I are not perfect parents. But we talk for hours about what’s best for our children, we love to spend time with them, we teach them they are beautifully made by a God who loves them and we teach them right from wrong.

We are honored to be part of a church family packed with friends who are also committed to raising children who love God and love people. These people hug my children, teach my children and remind my children they were created for something special. This is our Las Vegas.

I recently had two dear friends move away: one to Texas, the other to Florida. Both told me how hard it was to say goodbye to a city where their children had been born, loved and cherished. Both expressed they never imagined they’d fall in love with Las Vegas. Their family and friends thought they were crazy for moving here—and now years later—they couldn’t bear to leave. They know the same thing I do: People make the place. And this place is full of some amazing people. I joyfully raise my children here.

Beth  FisherBeth Fisher is a morning anchor for Channel 13 Action News. She reports on the people who make Las Vegas a better place to live. Beth’s stories air at 5:45 and 6:45 a.m. every day on “Good Morning Las Vegas.”


  1. And what part of Vegas are you in? Because all I see everyday are crime stories. Shootings, stabbings, robberies, and murder/suicides.

  2. I’m moving to Las Vegas with my kids and I’m very scared of what Vegas has to offer coming from quiet Surprise, Arizona. My question is where are the great/good neighborhoods?????. I talked to 2 realtors and they both said that Las Vegas doesn’t have a Scottsdale, Arizona area. And they are not allowed to say what is a good or bad area. If anyone knows Scottsdale its very nice and safe.