In 1982, shortly after moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Aida Markarian began working as a stock broker. Southern Nevada’s growing marketplace allowed Markarian to thrive for the following eight years working at various companies, refining her natural demeanor, fair dealings and leadership abilities with a self-professed tenacity when it came to sales. Her drive to learn drew her to become an agent for the esteemed Dean Witter Reynolds, now known as Morgan Stanley.

It was during her very successful stock broker career that Markarian recognized a trend emerging in which to take advantage. “In 1990 some of my clients expressed interest in real estate investments and inspired me to get into the real estate business. I soon realized it was my true calling,” she said.

Markarian established Elite Realty in 1991 with a modest office on Flamingo Road. “Over the next few years the company started to grow and in 2003 we opened our second location on Sahara Avenue and we moved our Flamingo location to Green Valley.”

When the market softened, shrewd Markarian purchased two commercial bank-owned buildings that they presently occupy. Elite Reality, Inc. now has over 250 agents. Growth has not only come from Markarian’s expert guidance, but the caché of Elite’s respected reputation, contemporary offices and detailed technology training.

Embracing technologies has provided efficiencies that have kept Elite at the forefront of residential and commercial real estate trends. Markarian explained, “This year we’ll be implementing the Elite University Program which will give our agents the technologic edge with a vast array of marketing tools for the growth of their business. We’ve also added the Elite Realty Mobile App——for the benefit of clients and agents.”

Markarian recognizes complacency has no place in business and that social media has changed the business landscape to the degree that simply having a website or Facebook page requires constant cultivation. Consequently, her social media boasts active engagement and blogs, but never departs from focusing on clients’ needs. She knows that nothing compares to the personal touch and a talented team.

The divorced mother of two, Markarian started her career in real estate, but found her professional career soar after her marriage ended. Markarian believes real estate is the ideal profession for women. “It can give her a substantial income as well as the flexibility to adjust and revolve her career around her family life. How perfect is that?”

Markarian acknowledges many inspirational influences in her life, but believes that true inspiration comes from within and is bolstered by the desire to succeed in spite of life’s obstacles. She anticipates her most notable accomplishments are in front of her since she plans on doubling her agent count to 500. It’s a strategic move that will catch the eye of industry since it’s based on proprietary technologies and savvy marketing. She will have greater capacity to cater to all Southern Nevada agents in the areas of residential and commercial real estate. As Markarian describes it, “If all goes as planned, I will open one or two more locations in order to further manage our resources and service capabilities. It’s about smart growth.”

With such tremendous personal success, Markarian keeps her eyes on what is most important. “I am proud of my two beautiful children and the wonderful adults they’ve become, and I am proud of the great business I have built here in Las Vegas,” she said smiling.

It’s no wonder that this Wonder Woman has achieved such personal and professional success. She is driven by a quote by Confucius: Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

8625 S. Eastern Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89123

7942 W. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89117