1. Walk us through a typical day in your shoes.

    Step one of course is picking the right shoes. That takes an hour or so. Then I get my teenager off to school, come home, do the laundry, have coffee with my husband Michael, workout, go to rehearsal with Vinnie Falcone, pick up my teen at school and then out to dinner or an event.

  2. Have you ever purchased any As Seen on TV items?

    After my third pregnancy, I bought one of these belly tightening devices. I used it exactly once and the only thing it did was cause me to pull a muscle taking it out of the box. I thought of one other item but Bob Mackie hates when you use a Bedazzler on his gowns.

  3. If you could destroy a grade-school photo of yourself, what year would it be and why?

    My third grade photo. The year is classified but according to my official bio since I’m allegedly 35 it would have been … wait, no one told me there would be math involved in this interview. Actually I don’t mind any photos because in third grade I was the same height I am now.

  4. While grocery shopping, what is your stick-in-the-cart-when-no-one-is-looking item?

    I shop at Whole Foods so I can’t get into trouble but at Bed, Bath and Beyond, it’s SKITTLES

  5. If we were to look through your iPod or iPhone, what is on your hit list or playlist or favorite app?

    Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Nelly.

  6. Do you ever play “tourist” in Vegas? If so, what is your favorite thing to do?

    Go down to the strip to see shows and explore the clubs. If I had typed that wrong it would have been “go down to the strip clubs and explore.” Thank God for proofreading!

  7. What do you do to unwind and relax?

    I love to sit outside at my fire pit at our house with my husband and look at the moon while enjoying a glass of chardonnay and Sinatra playing in the background

  8. Does anyone ever mistake you for someone else?

    On a good day I am mistaken for Linda Blair. On a bad day people think I’m Frank Marino. Actually on a lot of days Frank looks better than me.

Golden Globe winner, GRAMMY Award nominee, ShoWest winner, accomplished singer, film and Broadway star Pia Zadora has been performing since the age of six. Zadora currently performs classics and standards —like the great American songbook—at “Pia’s Place” inside Piero’s Italian Cuisine, 355 Convention Center Drive on Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. There is no cover charge. She recently did a guest appearance in “Million Dollar Quartet” at Harrah’s and regularly performs at various charity fundraisers. For more information, visit piazadora.com.