Inspired to follow a different path

Pamela HumphreyPamela Humphrey appreciates the beauty of both fashion and numbers. A fashion designer and entrepreneur, Humphrey established Chic Geek, Inc., a custom, street gear and ready-to-wear women’s clothing line in 2012 and incorporated in 2013. She launched her women’s neck tie line, Mitye, on March 8, 2013, in honor of International Women’s Day.

Later this year, at New York Fashion Week, Chic Geek will introduce its new haute couture line under Pamela Dupioni. First Lady Collection is an assemblage of silk dupioni, fine lace worthy of being labeled as haute couture and fine gemstones. It is designed for the woman who wants to feel like she is the First Lady. Humphrey is also partnering with Sears just having signed a contract to display her line in its stores throughout the United States and available for purchase online.

It was through a big life event that moved Humphrey to change her life. “I have always had a great love for fashion but my beloved fiancé, Timothy M. Ellis, passed away in June 2012 and posthumously inspired me to become a fashion designer. Before his passing, he encouraged me to return to college to become a CPA. Shortly after, he passed. I continued my coursework in accounting because I knew he would have wanted me to do so. However, one day I had this epiphany, which I contribute it to spiritual advice from Tim since his passing, that I should change the course of my life and do what I have always dreamed of doing.” She began her company and showcased her ready-to-wear clothing line during Fashion Week Las Vegas in 2014.

Born in Birmingham and raised in Los Angeles, she relocated with her family to Las Vegas in 1996. Working in government for over 14 years, Humphrey loved her job but knew there was something missing but didn’t know what and admitted to spending countless hours shopping. Now she spends her days designing and is truly fulfilled.

As for fashion, she is inspired by Coco Chanel. “Not only was she an amazing fashion designer but she was also a fearless business woman with a great love for timeless, high-end fashion. Her trademark designer suits, handbags and little black dresses are just as popular today as they were many years ago. I can recall when I bought my first Chanel bag. I nearly broke the bank,” she said.

Her mantra is “It Takes a Village to Build an Empire,” and reached out to Leanna Jenkins, among several mentors. Jenkins is the director of the Nevada Microenterprise Initiative, which is a nonprofit organization, designed to provide entrepreneurs in the U.S. with access to affordable loans, mentoring support, educational workshops and networking opportunities. “She has been my business mentor, my grow-your-business point person and all-around cheerleader. She is a wealth of information and a Fearless Female herself.”

Humphrey believes in giving back and has raised money for the United Way and Three Square. This year, her company will be hosting its inaugural program, Fairy Godmother, where young female teens will participate in a contest to win a makeover for prom night. All teenagers are encouraged to participate because Humphrey believes in beauty in everyone.

She has two sons, with her older son, Steven, following in her footsteps as an entrepreneur and her younger son, Gregory, pursuing an undergraduate’s degree at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “My personal inspiration is the love I have for my two beautiful granddaughters. They will be wearing my designs in the future. My older granddaughter, Mariah, is 5 years old. She fell in love with fashion when she was a baby. She has been playing dress up since she was a year old and has grown into such a fashion diva. They are my legacy.” Pamela Humphrey is also leaving a legacy as a Fearless Female.