As a resident of Las Vegas since 1978, Dawn Houlf has almost 30 years’ experience in sales, negotiating, marketing and customer service. She is a Realtor, real estate coach and advisor. Her portfolio consists of single family, multi-family and commercial/industrial properties in various states. Houlf dedicates her skills, knowledge and expertise into assisting her clients with the purchase of real estate, whether it is a first property as an owner and/or occupant, first time investor, seller or experienced investor.

Dawn HoulfAs a Realtor, she can assist people in buying and selling property, but “I take it to the next level,” she said. “I coach individual buyers and sellers on how and what they need to do with their property,” she explained. “If they are selling, I want to know why they are selling, if they downsizing or upsizing and what their exit strategy is after they sell.

“If they are buying the property, I work with my clients to make certain they won’t be upside down years from now and can remain financially stable owning the property they are going to purchase.”

Houlf purchased her first piece of property—a HUD repo—at the age of 19 as an investor and fell in love with the real estate industry. Along with investments in real estate, she owned and operated a number of businesses, at one point operating in three states and employing over 80 employees.

“When I sold the last business in 2007 and after my divorce, I took some time off to see what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I didn’t want to start another company. I wanted to work and make money,” Houlf said. She will admit that she was pushed into becoming a Realtor after a series of events.

Houlf purchased her first piece of property—a HUD repo—at the age of 19 as an investor and fell in love with the real estate industry

Houlf worked in direct marketing, and after two years as a trainer, she felt she was working too hard with not enough return. The person who first introduced her to direct marketing was a Realtor and wanted Houlf to become a real estate agent. Houlf was adamant that she was not interested. He would call her frequently for over six months to persuade her to change her mind.

Houlf investigated five potential career choices, but none of them were a fit. The Realtor who wanted to recruit Houlf offered to pay for her real estate school. It was late 2009, and Houlf reluctantly agreed to revisit the idea at the beginning at 2010. A week later, she received an email that he had enrolled her into training for her real estate license. She attended and passed both tests the first time (with a first-time failure rate of 96 percent). Houlf has since thrived as a Realtor and loves her career.

Personally, Houlf enjoys spending time with her golden retriever, Simba, and Labradoodle, Turbo. She is active with her Little Sister as part of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization and is also a group leader for Canyon Ridge Christian Church.

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