Helping people one smile at a time

Meet Dr. Laurie, a dentist who has been practicing for over 29 years and offers general dentistry with a focus on cosmetic, reconstructive and TMJ disorders. More than just creating a beautiful smile, she has developed her practice using a totally different approach that one might not expect at a dentist’s office.

From the moment a patient walks into her practice, they notice how serene and inviting it feels. There are only four chairs in her reception area, and it’s never crowded. That is because Dr. Laurie is committed to seeing one patient at a time and always being on time.

Dr. Laurie creates a different experience by giving the time needed to have all of the patient’s questions answered. She feels that sitting down with every patient on their first visit and doing an executive physical of the teeth, gums and mouth gives her patients choices and an awareness to create good dental health and a beautiful smile.

Dr. Laurie is passionate about dentistry and absolutely loves her job. In fact, she is one of the most senior instructors at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where she teaches dentists from all over the world. Her dental practice is a model for these dentists to visit and see the latest technology in use. Dr. Laurie is a member of the American Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association, International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics and International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics. She is also an author and lecturer nationally and internationally.

Personalized care is what Dr. Laurie is all about. She couldn’t do it without an amazing team that is highly trained and very caring. She also has a master ceramist on her team who can customize restorations while you are there. Even with digital photography and all the technology she has, nothing compares to having a face-to-face meeting with the artist who is creating your new smile.

She loves to answer questions for potential patients who are ready to improve the health of their teeth and the beauty of their smile as well as embrace the self-confidence one gains when one feels good about him or herself. Dr. Laurie spoke with Las Vegas Woman magazine about the many aspects of her practice and how she can help people.

How do your teeth impact your facial appearance?
When your facial tissues developed, they grew around the framework provided by your bones and teeth. This created the youthful look of your face.
Time impacts your smile in many ways. You may have noticed your teeth becoming discolored, but you may not have noticed the amount of wear your teeth have sustained with the passing years.

As your teeth wear, they become shorter, changing the proportion and shape of your face. Your face becomes shorter and rounder, less of an elegant oval, attractive heart or strong square, and more of an aging circle.
You may notice that your lips change shape, becoming thin, compressed and wrinkled. Jowls appear as excess fat and skin begin to sag at the jawline, a deep crease develops between your chin and lower lip, and the skin of your lower face becomes squished.

The result is a sagging facial appearance with more wrinkles. This can make you look older than you are. The overall result is an older-looking smile and a drastically changed facial appearance.