Kolanda Scott is a native of Southern Nevada who gives back to her community both professionally and personally. She is the development and activities coordinator with U.S. VETS. The nonprofit organization provides support to military veterans and their families through the provision of housing, counseling, career development and other comprehensive services.

She also volunteers with GirlsWhoBrunchTour, an organization that travels to 10 cities throughout the year. The tour is designed for at-risk girls ages 9-17 and is a program that provides vital tools needed through literacy, education, life skills and health and wellness to help them become leaders and difference makers in their community. She teaches them about using a Vision Board to map out goals and plans. Scott actually had “Fun Fearless Female” written on her own vision board when Las Vegas Woman magazine reached out to her for a profile as a Fearless Female.

TKolanda Scotthere were bumps and life-changing events as she was growing up. Her parents had her at a young age, so her grandparents stepped up with no questions asked and helped to guide Scott on the right path. They did everything and gave everything they had to make sure that she had a normal upbringing. “Seeing them and their hard work raising me is definitely an inspiration. So I’m thankful and owe a lot of my success to my grandparents,” Scott stated.

She also became a teen mother but didn’t allow that to stop her. Her daughter has been her driving force for Scott not to give up or quit and she works hard every day to show her daughter a positive role model. “Despite what life throws at you, continue to strive, because every day a star is born. And as for me, she was my guiding star.” Her daughter is now attending college in Georgia.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and MBA in marketing from Keller Graduate School of Management, she pursued a career in public relations and marketing in the corporate sector and entertainment.

Her mentor was Laura Herlovich, her first boss and owner of PR Plus. Scott met Herlovich as a college intern at the public relations firm. “I was fascinated by seeing a woman lead a company and demand respect. One of my goals was always to own my own business and seeing that example before my eyes inspired me. I learned early on from Laura that building strong relationships are vital no matter what industry, it’s a universal law. Laura had a great work ethic, and I learned that hard work pays off. Also knowing your product and service is key, then go all the way and don’t stop.”

Scott then made another change and decided to switch careers to the nonprofit sector. She wanted to be more impactful and fulfilled knowing that her talent, time and skill had helped someone regain hope on their outlook on life.

Scott joined U.S. VETS to honor her grandfather. He served in the Air Force and as her role model influenced her about giving back as her way to honor him. “He not only fought for his country, he fought to keep his family safe and on the right path. The answer was sitting right under my nose for some time with my brother working for an organization that helped veterans. He suggested I should go for the development position. I did and the rest was history.”

“Being a native of Las Vegas, I always wanted to give back to my community. I believe that my heart naturally wants to give in whatever capacities to help give a person hope in a situation where they feel like there is none. Being the positive change in an individual’s life, big or small, is the greatest reward,” she explained. Kolanda Scott truly embodies a Fearless Female.