The use of land can be a very detailed and complicated process but Lucy Stewart has over 30 years experience in providing land use services in both the public and private sector.

As a consultant and principle of two companies, LAS Consultants and Permit Solutions Plus, she offers strategic and political guidance regarding government relations, land use applications and facilitation services. She meets with her clients and reviews their request for compliance within the jurisdiction where the project is located. She then completes the application and submits it to the appropriate jurisdiction, works with the agency staff and represents the application in front of the appointed and elected boards. Stewart operates in all jurisdictions in the Las Vegas Valley including Clark County, city of Las Vegas, city of North Las Vegas and city of Henderson.

Lucy StewartShe gained much of her experience when Stewart was the assistant director of comprehensive planning. Stewart worked during one of the fastest times of growth for Clark County and juggled many responsibilities including the development of policies and procedures for the division and implemented the team restructuring of the division with a staff of up to 52 positions. She worked with the elected officials and prepared ordinance amendments, special reports and studies. Stewart also interacted with stakeholders to develop ordinances and policies that impacted their businesses, which concluded in the adoption of policies and procedures. Stewart was the liaison between the public and private sector. She was also responsible for preparing and staffing four planning commission and two county commission meetings and agendas.

Born in Illinois and raised in Texas, she was raised in a big family within a blended family. “I love my parents, step-parents, siblings and step-siblings,” she said.

As a young woman, Stewart was looking for a career that was intellectually challenging and financially rewarding as well as a chance to serve people so she decided on pursuing a career in government. She obtained an undergraduate degree with two majors, criminal justice and political science and a minor in anthropology. Stewart then pursued an advanced degree in urban planning and continues to work in the field.

“My mother was a big influence for me,” Stewart explained. “She attended college and while she did not graduate, it was still a big deal. She had a very strong personality and so do her children. Our mother would tell us that she was the only person who could raise three only children.”

While working for Clark County, Stewart was mentored by her boss, Bonnie Rinaldi. “She had an open door policy and I always remember going into her office and there were 2-foot tall piles of papers. Bonnie would always stop and take the time to speak with anybody and really helped to mold me into the person I am today.”
Jay Brown, an attorney who is well known and very influential in Southern Nevada, also inspires her. “He is so down to earth, kind, a gracious and generous man. He really demonstrates the best qualities and I am honored to work with him.”

When Stewart first started out in her career, her attitude was, “I have to win this one. Then I realized sometimes I have to let it go. It might not be the best decision in zoning but it will be okay. I would advise anyone started a career today, no matter the field, to be flexible.”

In addition to her consulting work, Stewart is dedicated to volunteering her time to various charities in Southern Nevada. She also loves animals and fosters for the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Stewart at one point took care of 13 kittens while looking for homes to permanently adopt them. She is very active with the Arthritis Foundation Council and serves on the board of Opportunity Village. Stewart has also personally adopted the Robert Lake Elementary School, holding holiday parties to collect gifts. She is appreciative of all of the help she has received over the years from her friends and colleagues.

“I have developed a wonderful family here in Las Vegas with a wonderful career and now my own businesses,” she stated about her life. Lucy Stewart continues to demonstrate by action how to be a Fearless Female.