Renee Adams believes that hosting is more than merely talking, but rather an art of being able to connect with her audience and challenging herself with great ideas. A year ago, Adams took the big step toward working as a freelance reporter and host. The dream began six years ago when she started hosting a show, and Adams realized her talents and passion. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in communications at Phoenix University.

Renee AdamsShe is currently the co-host of “Vegas Angels” on WBKE Vegas radio, discussing relationships, finance and dating advice. Her desire to change careers first began while watching HSN. Adams decided to pursue a career as a host on a Home-Shopping Network. She created a home studio to train herself as a broadcaster and film demos. With a background as a top seller in real estate as well as a top producer in the financing and property management industries, she knew she could sell.

Adams attended a seminar presented by a former Home Shopping Network host, redid her demo and finally got a positive response. She continued her training, as well as networking with those in a position to hire her while working in a different industry. Adams considered moving to Los Angeles but was advised to remain in Las Vegas. She has since co-hosted several shows and has made this her full-time career. Adams has remained motivated, determined and persistent.