Nevada Women’s Film Festival, or NWFFest, is a project of the Nevada Women’s Film Collective, a nonprofit organization of academics and filmmakers from around the community. The mission of NWFFest is to celebrate and support the fair representation of women in film. NWFFest takes place March 4-6 in honor of Women’s History Month. The festival will showcase women directors and women in key crew positions. Just as importantly, stories with strong female characters and women depicted in a positive light are also shown.

The films selected this past festival in 2015 came from nine countries and included a mix of genres, including feature-length films, short films, documentaries, comedy and animation. NWFFest 2016 will continue to expose issues that affect women all over the globe. The festival supports a diversity of worldview, background and experience. Although students and Nevada filmmakers will be highlighted, filmmakers of all genders from around the world were encouraged to submit their work.

NWFFest has begun a tradition of featuring an outstanding artist who will be named the “Nevada Woman Filmmaker of the Year.” This year the honor goes to Las Vegas filmmaker and philanthropist, Robin Greenspun. Her work will be showcased and she will be honored at the second annual Femmy Awards.

Other honorees will include Best Student Film, Best Documentary, Best Short Film and Best Female Protagonist.

NWFFest 2016 will also include a panel discussion and select scenes from The Track, directed by Brett Levner, starring Missy Yager (AMC’s “Mad Men”) and Sam Trammell (“True Blood,” “The Fault in Our Stars”). The Track is a locally produced narrative feature-length film that exposes the prevalence and dangers of underage sex trafficking in Las Vegas. Its panel will include sex trafficking experts and survivors of the epidemic. NWFFest 2016 will also include a panel on the Art of Costuming, as well as a Young Filmmakers’ Workshop.

Nevada Women’s Film Festival honors the brave women who have paved the way for the rights enjoyed in 2016 and future festivals will always take place in March-Women’s History Month. A 2012 survey of the industry showed that fewer than 20 percent of producers, and only 9 percent of directors of 250 major American films were women. The survey showed similar numbers for female writers, executive producers and editors, and only 2 percent of cinematographers working on these films were women. Of the one hundred top grossing films in 2014, 75 percent of protagonists were male, and 13 percent were male/female ensembles (for this study, protagonists were defined as the characters from whose perspective the story was told).

Vist its website, Facebook page and Twitter for further updates. NWFFest 2016 will be held March 4-6 at the Springs Preserve and Nevada State Museum. Tickets on sale and can be purchased at