1. Walk us through a typical day in your shoes.
    Frankie Scinta: Wake up at the crack of 10 a.m., usually to papa’s little ones slapping me in the face to wake me up. That important cup of coffee, turn on the news to see if it’s a dream that the last two people running for president are really Hillary and Donald. Then it is pool time. By 4 p.m. I shower and get ready to go to the Plaza and get onstage in that iconic showroom. I give all I have for 80 minutes onstage, then off to Oscar’s to meet the VIPs and other audience members for a drink or two or three and the best shrimp cocktail I ever had. I hang for about an hour or more, then go home and do it all over again tomorrow.
  2. Have you ever purchased any As Seen on TV items?
    Pete O’Donnell: Yes, the Grill Daddy brush set. It was supposed to help clean the outdoor grill but it never works, so I was cured of that.
  3. If you could destroy a grade-school photo of yourself, what year would it be and why?
    Janien Valentine: OMG! I would destroy the photo of me from fourth grade, as I had the Dorothy Hamill haircut, looked like a boy and weighed more then than I do now!
  4. While grocery shopping, what is your stick-in-the-cart-when-no-one-is-looking item?
    Pete O’Donnell: Americone Dream Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry.
    Joe Scinta: Cadbury Fruit Nut bars.
  5. If we were to look through your device, what is on your hit list or playlist or favorite app?
    Janien Valentine: All Adele songs, all the time.
    Joe Scinta: The Beatles.
    Pete O’Donnell: Waze GPS app; my daughter goes to school at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and with Waze, it only takes seven hours to go a mile—because that’s so much better.
  6. Do you ever play “tourist” in Vegas? If so, what is your favorite thing to do?
    Joe Scinta: I don’t frequent the Las Vegas Strip much anymore, but I like to go grab a great dinner a couple days a week.
  7. What do you do to unwind and relax?
    Frankie Scinta: I love getting together with the family at night, throwing something on the grill (wings, lamb shoulders-stuffed hot peppers), have a few drinks, and reminiscing of the days when we had nothing but really had everything.
  8. Does anyone ever mistake you for someone else?
    Frankie Scinta: Yes Tom Jones, or the Tom Jones impersonator that performs somewhere here in Las Vegas. I always look at them and sing “Delilah.”
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