By Betty Ann and Bob Golden

The CURE—Communicate, Understand, and Respect Everyone / everyday

When asked about the secret to our long and happy marriage, we tell people it’s all about communication. We appreciate, love and respect each other even more now than we did when we first got married because we have expanded our awareness through personal growth. Communicate genuinely so you can understand and respect each other. This is the formula for any successful relationship, whether it’s family or business.

The Genuine Factor
Communication begins with you: tune into your heart and soul so that the thoughts that are forming and what’s coming out of your mouth are an expression of who you are and not what you think the other person wants to hear. If you’re saying how you really feel in a loving way, you can’t say the wrong thing, because it’s coming directly from your heart. When we appreciate and love ourselves, that radiates out and everyone feels good.

The 4 L’s
We’re a lamp to light the path for others. However, they need to walk the path. We’re a lifeboat to get others across troubled waters. However, they need to get into the lifeboat. We’re a ladder to help others reach to new heights. However, they need to climb the ladder. And we do this all with love.

The Windshield
Where do you focus your attention—in the past, present, or future? When you’re driving a car, your windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason.

If you’re constantly looking in the rearview mirror, you’re going to crash into something because you’ll run off the road. Instead, be present in the car and look out the windshield into the future. If you’re not focused there, you will run into problems.

The Slight Edge
We absolutely live our life by the slight edge. To go from ordinary to extraordinary, all you have to do is add a little extra. Taking that small extra step or right action and being consistent with it over a period of time makes all the difference. You can’t just do it today and forget about it tomorrow. You’ve got to be persistent and commit to a daily process.

Fly like an Eagle
An eagle cannot fly unless it meets the resistance of the air for lift. An airplane cannot take off unless it’s going down the runway and it meets the resistance of the air coming at it. That’s what creates lift. When we experience resistance in our life, we get an opportunity to lift to higher levels. Most of us try to avoid resistance as much as we can, missing out on precisely what could propel us forward. Embrace resistance and allow it to serve you.

Golden Light
We’re all born with God’s golden light, which is our spirit or soul. This golden light illuminates the path of who we are and leads us to the genius within. Over the years, your golden light can get buried under hurt and negativity. The best way to uncover your golden light is to constantly give gratitude, appreciation, and love. This will gradually start chipping away at the piles of minutiae that have dimmed your inner light.