Peter, Paul and Mary Alive!,” the tribute show to the folk and rock group, Peter, Paul and Mary, known for hits “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” will be performed at the Starbright Theatre June 10.

“Peter, Paul and Mary Alive!” was created by founder and musical director, Peter Gordon (Peter Yarrow). After reading the book, “Cure for the Common Life” in 2009, Gordon decided to pursue a time when he had been a vocalist and guitarist in Greenwich Village during the time Peter, Paul and Mary started performing. Mary Travers was terminally ill at the time and Gordon wanted to keep the music alive.

Gordon started to create the show and searched for performers as Paul and Mary. Will Kruger (Paul Stookey) is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and John Denver tribute artist living in Illinois. This appealed to Gordon since Denver wrote the group’s No. 1 hit “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and was friends with the members. Some of Denver’s music will also be incorporated into the show to honor the connection.

Joan Brown (Mary Travers) is a resident of Las Vegas and has a day job. Brown has been singing and dancing as far back as she can remember; however, she pursued a career in engineering and then later in natural medicine and acupuncture. However, Brown has been performing with others and decided to join the tribute group. Brown had not been born when the group released their biggest hits. Her family also didn’t listen to the music so the founder had to introduce her to the music of Peter, Paul and Mary and its message.

“I had not heard of the group until I was approached to audition for the part,” she told “When I got it, I had to dive into the music and what it meant. This is so fitting for my personality. I read the group’s 50th year book and there are so many similarities between Mary and myself. We would use the same words and phrases to express ourselves. I really feel connected to her.” Brown also admits that she resembles Travers and is happy to continue her message.

Yarrow, (Noel) Paul Stookey and Travers were brought together by an agent in 1961 and formed Peter, Paul and Mary in 1961. Other hits include “If I Had a Hammer” and “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.” Yarrow co-wrote the hit, “Torn Between Two Lovers” and Stookey wrote “The Wedding Song (There is Love).” Despite some breakups and personal problems, the groups continued to tour and perform for 50 years until Traver’s passing.

“The audience is thrilled to hear this music,” Gordon said. “The message reaches out to many generations and to those who are struggling in their lives. Their music touched on many aspects of life.”

“Peter, Paul and Mary Alive!” tribute show will perform at the Starbright Theatre starting at 1 p.m., on June 10. The Startbright Theatre is located at 2215 Thomas Ryan Road and tickets can be purchased online by clicking here.