Find what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life,” describes both the business and passion of Roger Bennett.

Working as a professional photographer in Las Vegas since 2011, Bennett is known as one of the premier event and wedding photographers in town. As a professional photographer, he specializes in wedding, portrait and event photography. Bennett is also the co-owner of StarSun Media with his partner Heather Vale, a full-service media and online promotion company providing photography, video and audio production, as well as graphic design, content creation, social media and online marketing.

He has always had a love for photography, first using his parents’ camera as a child and eventually pursuing it as an avocation. While upgrading his equipment, Bennett decided to make a change and transition as a professional photographer.

“While I enjoyed photography as a hobby, when I purchased my first professional camera I started photographing networking events that my friend Yvette Auger would hold on a weekly basis,” Bennett explained. “People started to contact me to photograph them and all of a sudden, my career took off.”

But it is not just a business but also a desire to capture those perfect images that reflect the moment. “It was never planned but rather just an opportunity that presented itself,” he said. “I get to do what I love and not have to go to a 9-to-5 job.”

Las Vegas is one of the wedding capitals of the world and in just over three years, Bennett has shot over 2,500 weddings. This includes traveling to the Grand Canyon, rubbing elbows with Elvis impersonators and even some near misses with birds in helicopters.

Another skill is photographing art, and since his mother is an artist, Bennett has learned the intricacies of composing the photos as realisticly as possible in order to accurately represent the pieces. This includes watercolors, charcoal, oils and acrylics. Photographing real estate is also an art in making a house into a desirable home, and he regularly works with several realtors throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Bennett’s background also prepared his experience in electronics, first working with his father. He serviced televisions and VCRs as well as installed home theaters. When he went into sales, Bennett thrived in the tourist and travel industry and eventually worked in management in various aspects in that industry.

A resident of Southern Nevada since the age of 12, Bennett is thrilled to document life events and the changes in his hometown through the medium of photography. When he is not taking professional photos, Bennett is also an avid social media user and enjoys posting candid and street photographs he has taken around Las Vegas. “I enjoy variety, and anything from a social event to a beautiful landscape to a romantic wedding can be captured for generations to witness and enjoy.”

Roger Bennett Photography
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