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Supporting National Neuropathy Awareness:

Neurogenx NerveCenter of Las Vegas Offers Free Neuropathy Screenings & Exams & Shares Story of a Las Vegas Neuropathy Patient Who Overcame the Pain

Lansing, MI (May 4, 2017) – The U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has designated May 7-12, 2017 as National Neuropathy Awareness Week. Neuropathy now affects nearly 30% of Americans over the age of 40. One of the most common chronic neurological conditions, neuropathy is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and the most prevalent undiagnosed medical condition in America.

In combination with Neurogenx Centers nationwide, the Neurogenx NerveCenter of Las Vegas is supporting Neurop¬athy Awareness throughout the entire month of May with educational outreach, including free neuropathy/stability screenings. Neurogenx NerveCenters are specialty medical clinics that provide a breakthrough electromedical neuropa¬thy treatment effective for more than four out of five patients.

Neuropathy is the tingling, burning, pain and numbness in feet and hands caused by nerve damage associated with illnesses such as diabetes; with chronic nerve conditions such as fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome; with treat¬ments for cancer and HIV; as well as with injuries, trauma, toxicity and many other things. Neuropathy is progressive and can lead to debilitating, chronic pain; changes in skin sensitivity; muscle weakness; loss of reflexes; sleeplessness; loss of balance and injuries that don’t heal.

Unfortunately, neuropathy is difficult to treat, prompting patients to go from one doctor to another in search of help. Current treatments including prescription medications, surgeries, TENS therapy or lasers are not typically successful – frustrating both patients and physicians. In contrast, neuropathy treatment with FDA-Cleared Neurogenx technology effectively reduces or eliminates neuropathy symptoms and helps heal and re-grow nerve fibers – all without surgery or medication.

“Treatment results for my patients have been truly remarkable,” said Anthony Ricciardi, Jr., DPM, Medical Director at the Las Vegas NerveCenter. “Neurogenx doesn’t just manage symptoms or mask the pain – it enables nerve cells to regenerate, providing restoration of nerve function. This lets us help our patients get their quality of life back.”

One of those patients is Michael Sanger, a 60-year-old Las Vegas resident, who had suffered with neuropathy pain for more than 3 years. Mike is a veteran whose work as a DMV security officer requires him to be on his feet all day. This led to constant, severe pain that prevented him from sleeping through the night. The pain was so bad that at the end of each work day, Mike’s wife would try to help ease the burning pain in his feet and legs by soaking his feet in a bowl of ice water.
Mike had previously been told he would need surgery to help with his nerve damage. Like many patients, he had never even heard of neuropathy before Dr. Ricciardi made the diagnosis. Following a complete course of 24 Neurogenx treat¬ments, Mike is pain-free.
“I have no more foot pain. My feet feel like they did when I was 15 or 16 and I can walk barefoot for the first time in years,” exclaimed Sanger. “And the Neurogenx staff treated me like family. They really cared about me and made me feel like I was the most important person.”

Many patients incorrectly dismiss early neuropathy symptoms as part of aging or arthritis – it’s important to check with your doctor as soon as you notice symptoms in order to prevent permanent nerve damage.
You can also call 702-960- 4001 to schedule your free neuropathy screening and consultation at the Neurogenx NerveCenter of Las Vegas, 7135 W. Sahara Avenue, Suite 201, Las Vegas, NV 89117;

About Neurogenx
Neurogenx™ is an independent medical device manufacturer committed to working with physicians across the country to elevate the standard of neuropathy care and provide greater patient access to the effective Neurogenx Treatment. The Neurogenx NerveCare Network™ now comprises 22 certified NerveCenters™ and more than 200 providers nationwide.

About Anthony Ricciardi, Jr., DPM
Medical Director, Neurogenx NerveCenter Las Vegas

With over 20 years of medical experience in Las Vegs, Dr. Ricciardi was recognized as Vegas’ Top Doctor and “People To Watch in 2017” by Las Vegas Woman Magazine. He is passionate about helping his neuropathic and diabetic pa¬tients regain an improved quality of life in a caring, healing environment.

About Michael Sanger, Neurogenx Neuropathy Patient
Help us increase neuropathy awareness by sharing Michael’s story – he is available for local interviews. You can also watch his video testimonial by clicking the link below: