By Dr. Michael Mall.

Michael S. Mall, M.D. is the medical director of Michael S. Mall, MD | Medical Concierge and New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center. Dr. Mall answers some common questions about health but encourages those with concerns to seek professional help. Dr. Mall and his staff are very passionate about the concierge primary care medical practice.

Q. Is there anything I can do medically to enhance my sexual desire and pleasure?
A. The answer is complex. Bioidentical hormone replacement is the best way to enhance both sexual desire and sexual pleasure. It is best to find a doctor that does bioidentical hormone replacement on a daily basis, as mainstream medical providers frequently are not up to date with the scientific literature demonstrating the benefits of bioidentical HRT for the past 20 years. Secondly, there is a procedure called Femtouch that uses a microfractional CO2 laser to painlessly, with no down time and no need for anesthesia to rejuvenate the vaginal lining providing a tighter more elastic and active glandular tissue for a wetter vagina during intercourse. The “O” shot uses your own PRP placed into the clitoral area to rejuvenate vascularity and nerve sensation leading to the ability to reach orgasms easier, more quickly, multiple, and more intensely. This can be used for women regardless of hormone replacement status.

Q. Are there any procedures that can help me look my best physically?
A. Obviously a very broad question. Looking your best physically begins by encompassing eating the best that you can, exercising on a regular basis, hormone replacement if appropriate, and the use of sunscreen and vitamin C serum topically on a daily basis. After that there are many laser treatments available for body contouring shrinking fat and tightening the skin, lasers for removing brown or “age” spots, and lasers for resurfacing sun damaged and aging skin. Complementing that are the common and safe procedures using Botox for wrinkles and injectable fillers for volume loss and deeper lines for use at any age.

Q. As a woman, how would I know if I had ever experienced an orgasm?
A. The mere fact that the question is being asked illustrates a lack of attention to women’s sexual health. Most people reading the question think that the answer is obvious that a woman will know it when they experience an orgasm. In layman’s terms, it is an intense warm sensation starting in the clitoral/vaginal area rapidly spreading to the entire body usually associated with tingling, sweating, heart pounding and rapid breathing ending in an intense explosion of pleasurable feelings centered in the clitoral area.

Q. I am only 20 years old and I am experiencing pain with sex. Is that normal and can I do anything about it?
A. Pain with intercourse is not normal and needs to be evaluated by your physician. There are many causes of pain with intercourse such as infections, physiological abnormalities, childhood trauma, mismatch of size of your vagina and your partner, as well as psychological reasons. A thorough evaluation is indicated.

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