Doctors of the Desert: Dr. Tiger Devore

Dr. Tiger DevoreDr. Tiger Devore, columnist for Las Vegas Woman magazine about relationships, sex and gender issues, is a respected expert and caring physician.

With over 25 years of practice and expertise, Dr. Tiger strives to help couples or individuals who are experiencing problems. This includes changes in daily living or just dissatisfaction with quality of life, going through transitions as they age, changing jobs, entering or leaving a relationship, going through separation or divorce, death of a partner and approaching dating after a loss. He also works with couples dealing with infidelity, whether to repair or leave the relationship.

Often mistaken for a personal trainer rather than a clinical psychologist, Dr. Tiger is frequently asked for solicited advice. “Oh, I think we need to talk” is heard most when telling someone that he is a psychologist and sex therapist.

Being a sex therapist comes with some misconceptions about what he does versus what he doesn’t do. “Sex therapists do not ever sleep with their patients. Even though we do help with sex and relationship problems, we do not become personally involved with our patients in that kind of physical or emotional way. We do psychotherapy, which is just talk therapy,” Dr. Tiger explained. “Some patients have called the work with me ‘sexual finishing school’ where one gets the chance to learn everything they never got to learn about sex and find out where any problems they have with sex and relationships might have come from and work them out in the course of the therapy.”


Dr. Tiger works closely with patients who have experienced a personal trauma to recover and let go of their unreal set of fears. “Too often a terrible thing that happened long ago can make it very hard, if not impossible, to enjoy something wonderful that is happening right now, because it reminds us of that old terrible thing in our history,” he said. “Real change in thinking can happen in relatively a few years; so many prejudices in psychotherapeutic theory and practice, especially in the field of sexuality, have become the stuff of foolishness in mainstream practice, even though you can always find a practitioner who is holding onto old, debunked ideas.”

He has worked in sex research clinics at both the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Human Sexuality program at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Tiger wrote a sex education program that was adopted by counseling center and health center staff at the university level nationally. Other areas he serves include the National Institutes of Health as a crisis counselor at its AIDS treatment and evaluation center at UCLA, incarcerated sex offenders, and has been an expert witness in court. Recently he worked with the Clark County School District, state legislature and various communities to implement programs for people who might not otherwise have access to services and help needed.

“I love my work, and love seeing the people I work with live well. In fact, many of the people I work with are healthy, everyday people who are just facing challenges and I can help,” Dr. Tiger said. “I encourage those who need my help to please reach out to me.”

Dr. Tiger Devore PMD
Clinical Psychologist
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

9414 W. Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89134