Strength, Dedication and Determination Lead to Success for One Local Young Woman

It takes years of drive and determination to become an accomplished ballerina and it takes years of strategic studies…

Alehssia “Coco” Reinhart is an aspiring ballerina who has been dancing since the age of 2. She is now 12 years old and also a mathematician and self-proclaimed logic geek. Many would say that mathematics and dance don’t mix, but Coco would be quick to argue that; both fields require perfection, and both fields require intense study. Her family jokes that math is her first language and English is her second.

Every single day, Coco’s commitment starts early, with school from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. However, there’s a twist. Coco is home schooled by her mother, Vanessa. The Reinhart family wanted to have a bigger say in their children’s education and found that the classical Christian model of teaching was the right fit for them. Coco and her brother, Keifer, have learned to own their education. The Reinhart’s have observed that homeschooling gives their children the opportunity to advance through subjects at their own level. Coco is also studying Latin and, in her spare time, studies Spanish as well. Coco just finished up with geometry and is now moving into algebra II. Currently, she is on pace to graduate high school by the time she is 16 or sooner.

Six days a week, Coco and her mother make the 66-mile round trip from Boulder City to study with the Las Vegas Ballet Company. Coco and her mother arrive back home most days around 8:30 p.m., unless it is a day where she has a private class and gets home around 9:30 p.m., goes to bed and is then back at it again the next day.

The family keeps busy with their work and hobbies; Keifer is a bit of an entrepreneur, which keeps him busy in the afternoons, and is active with cross country and archery. Coco’s father, Kenny, works on the Technical Rescue Team with the Las Vegas Fire Department. Although often busy and running in different directions, this family is very close-knit. I’ve never met young people, in this age group, who are more articulate than these two or have more drive. That’s a testament to the teachings imposed by Vanessa and to this family that talks extensively about a wide range of subjects.
When Coco’s father suggested placing her into a recreational ballet class at the age of 2, he thought she would wind up in a cute little duck outfit, but the instructors recognized there was more talent there and advanced Coco. From the age of 3 she studied ballet and tap for seven years before finding the Las Vegas Ballet Company. There, Vanessa felt very lucky to find and have the opportunity to study with Mr. Kyudong Kwak and Ms. Yoomi Lee, who are known worldwide for their talents as principle dancers and solely train classical ballet students.

Coco states that her mentors are strong women on both sides of her family, along with her grandfather, whose birthday was one day after hers. That shared birthday created a special bond between the two; mention him and she gets misty-eyed. However, Coco’s biggest mentor and inspiration is Dr. Merritt Moore, also known as the Quantum Ballerina, who at age 29, is a quantum physicist and a world-renowned ballerina. Some of Coco’s recognitions include a feature as a Hello Bezlo role model and a feature by Dr. Moore as a science art sister, recognizing her as a young woman committed to both dance and the sciences. In June, The Las Vegas Ballet Company performed a full ballet of “Giselle,” where Coco was cast as the lead at just 12 years old.

It takes years of drive and determination to become an accomplished ballerina and it takes years of strategic studies to master mathematics and the sciences. It also takes a considerable support team to accomplish the paths Coco has embarked upon. When I think of Las Vegas Woman magazine and their desire to lead, motivate, and celebrate women; I can’t help but think Coco and Vanessa Reinhart exemplify this ambition.

Should you like to support and watch Coco’s determination to rise and succeed and witness the strength and tutelage of her support team led by Vanessa, you may do so by following her Instagram @coco_reinhart. You can also support the Las Vegas Ballet Company by attending their performances.