Debra Newell is originally from Orange County, CA, where she studied interior design and opened Ambrosia Interior Design 35 years ago. Debra relocated to Las Vegas in 2016 where she brought that knowledge, along with a burning passion, to open Ambrosia Home, a furniture, décor, design studio and interior design company.

Ambrosia Home specializes in designing furniture and décor for model homes. Seeing what happens to the furniture and décor after a home sells is what inspired Debra to open Ambrosia Home. She wanted buyers to have access to the beautiful furniture and décor that was put into the models for their homes, which they can procure at her store.

Additionally, Debra and her staff help make a house a home for customers by creating beautiful and functional spaces for them to live or work in. She recognizes the need for unique pieces of furniture and design services for everyone, regardless of what their budget is.

Outside of Ambrosia Home, Debra enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling. She has four children and five grandchildren who bring her endless joy. Additionally, she enjoys helping women who have been victims of abuse.

Ambrosia Home
1201 American Pacific Dr.
Ste. A
Henderson, NV 89074