This Surprising Super Fruit is Taking the World of Women’s Health by Storm

By Jennifer Florendo

You are used to buying it in a store, smelling it in candles or essential oils and drinking it in tea. The fragrant, citrusy scent of bergamot is unmistakable. Yet, it is packing more of a powerful punch than just simply being a novelty item or afternoon beverage. The fruit itself resembles an orange by its size and a yellow or green coloring resembles a lemon. What lies inside of the peel is making a big name for itself in women’s health.

Dr. Gerald Haase, clinical professor of surgery at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado, was involved in Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with the Department of Defense and NASA to evaluate the health benefits of micronutrients. While expanding this work to more plant-based nutrients, (also known as phytonutrients), it was discovered that the bergamot fruit could make strong impacts on women’s health.
“Phytonutrients have the ability to alter many aspects of women’s health. Cardiovascular, metabolic, cholesterol, lipid profiles and unpleasant symptomatology can all be impacted positively with phytonutrients,” said Dr. Haase. “A lot of women have mood swings, an energy decrease, especially in the morning, as well as night sweats, hot flashes and vaginal dryness that are all additional symptoms women often experience.”

The bergamot plant, only found in the proper concentrations in the Calabrian region located in the southern tip of Italy, is really unique in how it is being used for health benefits. There, the volcanic ash soil makes for perfect organic growing conditions, without any exposure to pesticides.

The skin of the bergamot plant is used in low concentration production of products such as tea, cosmetics and essential oils. The juice from the plant, however, is used for affecting women’s health. That Calabrian region yields the most potent bergamot fruit, which enables a bergamot polyphenolic fraction (BPF) of 47 percent or greater, which is the most concentrated extract anywhere.

High concentrations of the fruit juice are shown to have a positive impact on metabolic function, glucose metabolism, lipid profiles and more.

“The reason it can do that is because it has a unique formulation called BPF, which has a particularly high concentration of five specific flavonoids and glycosides. These particular elements are what drives some of the metabolic impact that we see in this formulation,” said Dr. Haase.

In recent clinical trials, the BPF affects cardiovascular profiles dramatically. On average, total cholesterol dropped 31 percent, LDLs (“bad” cholesterol) dropped by 39 percent, HDLs (“good” cholesterol) went up 42 percent and triglycerides dropped by 38 percent.

“We have also seen many other health benefits,” says Dr. Haase. “Stamina goes up, muscle recovery time goes down and oxygen uptake increases, meaning that your heart rate stays stable. It decreases inflammation and has had a profound impact on metabolism, including weight control, liver function and a decrease in visceral fat,” he continued.

BergaMet NA has taken the bergamot extract and turned it into what some women are considering a miracle worker. By using the extract and combining it with other plant components, they have created a product line designed specifically for women’s health.

The addition of maca, which is a vegetable that is produced in the high Andes mountain range in Peru, provides amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins and fatty acids making it a very efficient phytonutrient. “The other thing it does is have very direct effects on depression, anxiety and stress. That is truly helpful for every woman I know,” said Dr. Haase. “It also helps bone health, which is a concerning factor for many women as they age and bone health diminishes.”

Tribulus, a leaf that is grown in Europe, Asia and Africa, is most commonly known for reducing blood sugar and cholesterol, altering hormone levels, and increasing sexual function and libido. In this case, the tribulus gets its metabolic function from steroidal saponins. These saponins have a modulating effect on the immune function of your body.

Finally, the last addition to the base is damiana, a shrub that is prevalent in North America and South America and commonly known to increase libido. In the clinical trial, it has also shown to have a positive impact on depression, weight control, and on blood sugar control.

All of those are combined to produce BergaFEMME, (see special offer on page 19) which may help women of all ages balance out their hormones, maintain higher energy levels, reduce cholesterol levels and act as an anti-inflammatory. Happy and healthy days are just around the corner.

Note: As with any medicine or nutritional supplement that is ingested, please be sure to consult your health care professional before taking.