Introduction by Jennifer Florendo, Profiles by Roselyn Poon

Smart, strong and successful. Three simple words that pack a powerful punch when used to describe the eight women highlighted in this feature. These are the movers and shakers from our community coming together in one place to share their stories of hard work, their paths to success, starting their own businesses or volunteering with multiple charitable organizations. They are truly making a difference in Las Vegas but also worldwide.

They show us what happens when women focus on empowering other women, lifting each other up and celebrating each other’s success as if it were their own. Celebrate not only these women, but yourself and all of the women in your life and enjoy the stories of Galit Ventura-Rozen, Darlene Miller, Stephanie Kocher, Angela Giles, Crystal White, Michele Volker, Ginnie Salazar, Ginger Allen.

Darlene Miller
Stephanie Kocher
Angela Giles
Crystal White
Michele Volker
Ginnie Salazar
Ginger Allen