Giles Enterprises

Digital Marketing and Business Consulting

Angela Giles is an author, self-made businesswoman, speaker and consultant leading people to their path to success. She is one of the most sought-after business coaches for lead generation on the West Coast.

As co-founder of YES! Method, Giles offers her clients a dynamic program that is based on simple secrets for big results. She is committed to helping independent entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals accelerate their business profits and increase their bottom line. Since launching YES! Method, she has helped her clients to achieve six-figure launches and go from making mediocre sales to effortlessly generating thousands of dollars in a few short weeks.

Giles has a solid 17-year background with proven performance in business coaching and marketing. She also holds a bachelor’s in political science. It is this combination that has helped to develop her entirely unique and highly successful approach to analyzing consumer behavior and staying on top of an ever-changing industry.

She is a regular speaker on the topic of influential communication and marketing, and her book, “From Mind to Mouth,” walks readers through the essentials of communicating effectively with anybody, anywhere—as this is the key, and often missing, ingredient when it comes to closing a sale.

Giles lives in Henderson with her husband, Allen, their three teenage boys, who always keep her on her toes, and three dogs: Pixie, Wishbone and Maddie. She’s an avid reader and has a genuine love for connecting with people. Her favorite pastime is spending time with other women, empowering them to reach their highest potential. She does this by volunteering and serving on the local board of Women of Global Change. Whenever she is not working or sleeping, she is in passionate pursuit of those who want the satisfaction of leading happy, successful and productive lives.

Her specialties include digital media marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, sales strategy, advertising, media, coaching, consulting, training, speaking and public relations. Giles offers private business coaching and consulting, as well as select marketing services to a limited number of clients per year. Her passion is helping people significantly increase their revenue through added traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates, lucrative strategic alliances and targeted media attention.