Clark County Medical Society Alliance & The Volker Foundation

Philanthropy and Charity

Michele Volker has been an active member of the Clark County Medical Society Alliance (CCMSA) for over 10 years and currently serves as the co-president of the organization. The CCMSA is a nonprofit service organization comprised of spouses of members of the Clark County Medical Society and the American Medical Association. She often finds herself educating the community about the CCMSA mission and how the nonprofit improves healthcare in Southern Nevada. CCMSA members who run the organization are all volunteers and they ensure that the CCMSA performs as if it was staffed with a troupe of full-time personnel.

Volker has a Bachelor of Science in elementary education and a master’s in education. Helping children succeed in life is of the utmost importance to Volker and her husband, Dr. Warren Volker, who are the proud parents of Adam, Alex and Alyssa. They established The Volker Foundation, a 501(c)(3) in 2009, which aims to provide financial support and scholarships to assist medical students and resident physicians and to fund research.

Through her network, she is aligned to bring people together to care about mental health and outreach in the community. Volker says, “I am passionate about moving the needle in healthcare to improve the mental health of youth. I love the energy of CCMSA members. I enjoy the mission of CCMSA and together we make an impact in healthcare in our community.”

Volker is also a certified reformer Pilates instructor. It is through this platform that she instructs women in Pilates to be empowered and take control of their own health and wellness through exercise. Mental health for youth is also close to her heart and the reason why CCMSA chose to support youth mental health by partnering with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Funds will be allocated specifically to the teen Mental Health First Aid program (tMHFA).

Volker’s achievements include collaborations with Moonridge Group, WellHealth Quality Care, DaVita Medical Group-Healthcare Partners, serving on the board of The Shade Tree and Community Public Relations and the Clark County Medical Society Alliance.