Fall is in the air, so celebrate its arrival with a good cocktail

Gather your friends and have a toast. Born in Austin, Deep Eddy Vodka is handcrafted in their Texas distillery by a team serious about creating a great spirit. Their vodkas are column-distilled 10 times using corn, the finest Texas water, real fruit and natural flavors. Nothing but smooth, clean vodka reaches the bottle to deliver an award-winning taste.

Betty Breeze

2 ounces Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka
1 ounce white grapefruit juice
2 ounces club soda
Lime wheel

Combine all ingredients over ice. Add three dashes of angostura bitters for extra flavors.

Ruby Red Mule

2 ounces Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka
½ ounce fresh lime juice
Ginger beer
Lime wheel
Grapefruit peel

Combine Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka and lime juice in a copper mug, add ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wheel and grapefruit peel.

Marfa Light

2 ounces Deep Eddy Original Vodka
3 ounces grapefruit juice
1 ounce simple syrup
½ ounce fresh lime juice
Pinch of salt
Grapefruit wedge

Fill a Collins glass with ice. Add first five ingredients to shaker tin with ice and give a quick two-second shake to dilute and blend the salt. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with a wedge of grapefruit.

Rub a wedge of lemon around the rim of a martini glass and dip the glass into a plate of coarse sugar. Set aside. Pour the remaining ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into the rimmed martini glass. Garnish with mint leaves.

Balancing Act

2 ounces Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka
2 slices fresh jalapeño
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
Top with lemonade

Combine Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, jalapeño slice, and fresh rosemary sprig into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain contents into a Collins glass over ice and top with lemonade.

Garnish the cocktail with an additional jalapeño slice and rosemary sprig.

Visit deepeddyvodka.com for more recipes and where to purchase.