Part Four

Why Wait to Celebrate

By Janice Marie Wilson

A celebration means to acknowledge a significant event, person or time of life. Every moment of your life can be a reason to celebrate. In reality, you are truly the most significant person in your life. Every breath you take is the most significant time of your life. And each day of your life is an event of significant magnitude. This is how we should acknowledge our lives. With this perspective, there is no logical reason to wait on celebrating anything. Each moment that you acknowledge your powerful significance can be a celebration. When you value and realize the extraordinary miracle you are, celebrations can become a way of life rather than infrequent moments in time.

This takes a radical shift in perspective. Can you do it? Do you want to do it? Do you believe you can do it? Do you want to learn how? You may think it is impossible. You might believe it is ridiculous to have these aspirations. You may stop reading right now, thinking that I am senseless. The truth is that you were created to live in joy and to celebrate every moment of your life. You can experience so many miraculous moments in time, if you view your life from this perspective. This is not woo-woo talk. You can shift your perceptions about yourself and learn to create this new reality. This way of celebrating life and feeling your significance is found when you live in the “Goodness of Now.” The Goodness Experience allows you to acknowledge everything about yourself as significant. Goodness allows you to feel every experience you encounter as a celebration. You begin to attract only people and experiences that give you reasons to celebrate.

You only need to learn to stop the sloppy thinking that makes you feel badly. Activate your imagination and focus to see the good that surrounds you now. Allow yourself the pleasure to feel the exuberance that goodness brings you. Use good feelings as your guide to live the life you want. Feeling good is your compass; it will lead you to amazing experiences and miraculous reasons to celebrate your life. Feeling good is why we celebrate! So if you focus on how you feel and celebrate feeling good, every moment of your life will be and can be a celebration. Why wait? We celebrate so we can feel good. Why not feel good first and then every moment becomes a celebration?

It is simple, but not easy. We think that we have to wait for a special occasion to celebrate. When you view every day of your life as special, your whole life can be celebrated now. This takes practice, focus and a commitment to care about how you feel. You get there by living in your powerful now and not the past. It takes seeing yourself and your life as significant. It takes demanding yourself to be in alignment with your source energy, your goodness, your G.O.D.

When you realize the significance of which you are, you will want to find ways of celebrating. You will not wait for a special event or time, because every moment sparkles with Champagne moments that effervesce with joy and happiness. If you are looking for your purpose in life, celebrating life is high on the list. When we celebrate births, anniversaries, new jobs, graduations, marriages, achieving our goals, promotions, endings and beginnings, we feel alive and filled with awe. Every day can be this way when you focus on how you feel and decide to feel good, no matter what your circumstance. Don’t wait to celebrate to feel good. Use your focus to feel good and celebrations will occur magically in every area of your life.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it. Feeling good is always a choice; your choice. You can blame others for your poor moods, but in reality they have nothing to do with your free will to feel good. Using this new tool of deciding to feel good is empowering. It is life enhancing and releases powerful chemicals in your body to stay healthy. Make feeling good your goal every day and you will never have to wait to celebrate.


9 Reasons to Celebrate Daily

  1. I awake feeling grateful for a wonderful rest.
  2. I notice a calm and peaceful feeling in my body.
  3. I am eager to start my day.
  4. The thought of feeling good brings a smile to my face and I keep that smile all day.
  5. I am eager for all the new experiences I will have and all the good feelings I will feel.
  6. I feel significant and sing out loud.
  7. I feel good feelings and reach for thoughts that make me feel better.
  8. I focus on feeling good now. The better I feel, the better my life gets and I say thank you.
  9. I dance throughout my day and find reasons to celebrate.
Janice Wilson is a keynote speaker, workshop leader, fashion consultant and author. Her book, “The Goodness Experience” provides the inspiration for this series. You can contact her at