Celebrating Your Small Victories on Your Way to Success

By Claire Friday

We all have the big dream or goal that we strive for daily. Perhaps we are looking to make a mark in the industry we work in, receive a job promotion or even pay off debt. In order to achieve any of this, we must be able to celebrate the small, daily victories that come about. The small victories are just as crucial as larger victories, and we need to pay close attention when they happen. Recognizing and celebrating these moments paves the way for the realization of that big goal or dream.

Some of the best teachers are the steps we take while on the way to something bigger; the process sets us up for more success. It is important to pay attention to how the small victory came about and what steps we took to get there. Even if it is as simple as crossing two things off of your to-do list that you needed to get done to drive the big goal; it all counts. Ask yourself each day what you accomplished and how you arrived at that triumph. Applaud each milestone.

Celebration is a great motivator. If we take pride in our wins and celebrate the day-to-day, we will appreciate the long-term pay off. The small victories give us the motivation to continue working toward our goals and dreams. Keeping a positive attitude will also help maintain your motivation and improve your desire to keep moving forward on those goals.

Consistency in creating small victories produces repetitive achievements. Every day, strive to make progress and create these triumphs, no matter what area they fall into. What can you do to keep the momentum going on a daily basis? Nothing is more effective than consistency and persistence, and those are two areas that should receive daily attention. One of the true tests in seeing these victories is practicing consistency in your work ethic.

Effort is a win. The fact that you got in your car and took your kids to school, made that phone call to a potential client, or even wrote two paragraphs about the steps needed for your next big idea; you are already making a dent in your day. The effort that is exhausted daily is worth noting as a small victory.

Act as if the victory is already yours. If you do not have the mentality of someone who expects good things to happen, you will not see your triumphs. Even when you cannot see them, celebrate them taking place. Make a point to shape your thinking for a commemoration of the things that have happened and what is to come. Stay in the moment, strive for success, and take time to enjoy your personal and professional efforts on a regular basis.

Claire Friday is a special events producer, writer and career consultant. She writes a weekly blog entitled Done By Friday that focuses on career advancement advisement and success strategies for the self-employed entrepreneur. More information can be found on her website at clairefriday.com.