Leading Execs Come Together to Achieve a World Without Cancer

Each spring, 25 female executives gather to make a difference in the Las Vegas Valley and beyond. Given that Las Vegas is accustomed to philanthropy, it’s no surprise that the American Cancer Society decided to set forth a campaign for women leaders to raise funds to fight cancer. What sets this particular group of women apart from the rest is the fact that not one of these top female executives are the same. The Power In Purple participants make up a group of women recognized across a vast variety of industries—sometimes from competitor organizations—working together to achieve a common goal: a world without cancer.

The Power In Purple campaign is born out of recognition of the inspirational and influential women in the Las Vegas community needing an outlet to serve. The campaign’s name is a true testament to the powerful women dressed in the color purple, who use their voices to make an impact in the world. Together, these Power in Purple women unite to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) cancer initiatives as well as raise awareness in the community.

In 2018, the program was developed by American Cancer Society Nevada staff member, Shannon Moore. After national success with the Real Men Wear Pink campaign, Moore decided that the organization needed to reevaluate and provide a platform for women to do just the same.

“2018 felt like a year of women coming into their own, and as I reviewed our portfolio I saw the American Cancer Society didn’t have an opportunity for our executive women,” says Moore. “When I pitched it to a few women, they were overjoyed to participate, and it has been embraced by our community since that date! With its third year in existence, fundraising for 2018 was $40,000 and has grown with the Class of 2020, which is on track to raise upwards of $100,000.”

Fundraising efforts for this campaign have included exciting opportunities from home based multi-course dinner parties, roller skating fundraisers at the Crystal Palace Rancho, and even variety show style events with entertainment from the Las Vegas Strip. The events are a representation of the diverse variety of industries and backgrounds of women, their imagination and their network’s interests.

It is estimated there may be an additional 35,000 cancer deaths expected this year due to Covid-19 and people’s inability to safely get needed treatments and testing. Cancer patients have been among the most vulnerable during these unprecedented times and we need your help to continue to be able to provide lifesaving research, programs and services here in Southern Nevada. The Power In Purple campaign is currently recruiting women from all industries who are willing to pledge to raise a minimum of $2,500 for the duration of the campaign. For more information or to nominate an individual, visit powerinpurplelv.com or contact Shannon Moore at Shannon.moore@cancer.org or 775-910-3329. The campaign dates have been extended through August 31, 2020. Anyone can help save lives and raise money. If Power In Purple isn’t for you, please let us know. We are sure to have a campaign or event that fits!