BOAR: Sonia Petkewich

BOAR: Sonia PetkewichArea of Specialty:
Information Technology Staffing and Project Solutions

Taurean Consulting Group and BOAR
5215 Ponderosa Way 2nd Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89118


Sonia Petkewich is the founder and CEO of Taurean Consulting Group (TCG). TCG is a 100% woman-owned, Las Vegas IT staffing and project solutions company built on deep relationships, with over 25 years of experience in technology staffing. They specialize in matching candidates to the culture of an organization as well as the required skill sets.

Petkewich believes that it is always important to be improving one’s self, and because of this, she is committed to helping others grow. This philosophy is so important to her that TCG not only helps IT people find the right job but also provide their contractors with access to continuing education and sponsor at least one contractor per quarter towards a certification that improves their career path. TCG differentiates itself by investing in its candidates’ efforts to learn.

Petkewich is also an avid supporter of increasing the number of women in the information technology arena and is the current Las Vegas affiliate president of the National Center for Women & Information Technology; Petkewich is a woman who walks her talk.

“I empower others to take risks, to expand their reach of current knowledge to grow themselves and those around them.”

Not only is Petkewich leading the charge at TCG, but she is also taking what she has learned and paid it forward. Petkewich is a member of the BOAR Mastermind facilitator team, which is a unique mastermind community committed to the holistic approach to supporting and coaching CEOs and business owners. BOAR fosters an environment where CEOs and leaders feel comfortable opening up, asking for help, and genuinely addressing their personal growth as well as that which pertains to their business.

Petkewich feels that business owners, regardless of the size of their company, are often dealing with the same issues, just thinly veiled because of the size of the company or the industry they are in, for example, people issues, growth issues, financial, life balance and family life. When you are in BOAR Mastermind, you can address all these issues and share what is happening in your life. You receive unbridled feedback from the team and are an active participant in hearing other business owners’ challenges. You grow, they grow—sounds like a great win-win for everyone.

Petkewich is an energized passionate woman who strives every day to grow and help everyone she encounters to do likewise. To her, business coaching is an opportunity to give back in a way that people helped her to achieve her success and personal growth.