Virginia KnudsenArea of Specialty:
Personal and Professional Development

9115 W. Russell Rd., Suite 210
Las Vegas, NV 89148


Virginia Knudsen is the founder and CEO of BOAR. Her lifelong passion for helping leaders reach their highest potential, not only in business but also in their everyday life, motivated her to create a unique mastermind entity that addresses people’s growth from a holistic point of view. BOAR Room Mastermind Groups take the concept of a mastermind to the next level, encompassing all that it is to be a high-achieving human. BOAR, and all who work with Knudsen, are devoted to bringing authenticity into the boardroom and strategic outcomes into individual lives, providing fresh viewpoints and unique insight.

Knudsen has filled roles as CEO, entrepreneur, EVP/COO and executive coach, and is one of an exclusive group of highly respected, trusted advisors who are experts in business leadership coaching. Knudsen leads local CEO mastermind groups and provides one-on-one coaching to top chief executives and business owners to more effectively manage the growth of their businesses, achieve significantly better results, while working fewer hours, and improving their relationships.

Knudsen and her team at BOAR are cogniscent of the fact that today we have five different generations in the work force, resulting in multiple communication and leadership languages and styles. She ensures that this challenge is addressed in the BOAR Room Mastermind Groups and the NextGen Evolution programs, where the focus is on getting the next generation of leaders ready to lead.

“We want to change the landscape of leadership one leader at a time.”

Knudsen has participated in, and facilitated traditional masterminds, for over 15 years and she knows that it is truly lonely at the top. She points out that leaders need an environment where they can share their frustrations, fears, ideas and opportunites with others whose only motivation is to help them be their best selves. BOAR Room Mastermind Groups provide a safe and confidential environment where everyone rolls up their sleeves and helps each other attain their personal and professional goals.

BOAR focuses on working with the whole leader: personally, professionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. BOAR is unique in that it is more than just a business leadership company, it is a personal growth company. They are building a community of conscious leaders who come together to inspire, share and hold each other up. Leaders who are dedicated to building great companies and have a passion for giving back to their communities.

Virginia believes in lifelong learning and growing, and she has a long list of awards, including Masters in Organizational Leadership and the 2009 Woman of Distinction Glass Ceiling Award.