Life has taught me I am not always in control. Life is full of experiences, lessons, heartbreak and pain. But, it has also shown me love, beauty, possibility and new beginnings. Embrace it all. It makes us who we are and after every storm comes a clear sky.Anonymous

We are extremely excited to release the long-awaited Spring 2020 issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine. But first, I’d like to check in on all of you; how are you doing? I do miss seeing and interacting with you in person.

This has been a very difficult season for so many of us. For some, we feel like we lost control. Others, including myself, were forced to be vulnerable. I’m not sure about you, but I was smiling one minute and having an emotional meltdown the next. I was hurting for so many of my friends and colleagues, their businesses and the overall current state of the world.

Our beautiful city, full of lights and excitement, shut down and went dark; it felt devastating. All of this talk about a “new normal” and what that will look like, how long is this going to last, what businesses would survive, what our hearts and souls would look like in the aftermath; no one really knew, or knows, for that matter.

… And here we are, slowly reopening. It is starting to look and feel like the city we are so fond of and, although this has been a trying season, there is still so much to be grateful for. I am amazed and inspired by how our community comes together to support one another. To all of the frontline and essential workers: THANK YOU for your sacrifices and your service! We appreciate all of you.

We are hopeful that the articles in this issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine will help heal, help alleviate anxiety and fear, and help all of us navigate and cope during these unprecedented times that we are faced with. May you find it to be a comforting resource, as well as a driving force, when and where needed, in your life today. We are featuring wonderful examples of leadership and women to look up to. The women of BOAR are paving the way and changing the landscape of leadership. I encourage you to learn about the programs they offer—it may be just what you need at this time.

Although none of us really know what the future holds, we can still look forward to the opportunities that await and there are plenty of examples of how to get started within these pages.

Thank you for allowing us to lead, motivate and celebrate you … one issue at a time.