Between working from home, schooling at home and working out at home, things are bound to get confusing and likely forgotten. Apps are here to make our lives easier and more convenient. Whether it is setting screen time limits, starting up new chores, journaling or working out, our selection of trending apps will help you stay on track.

Trending Apps

Family Time
Set limits on screen time, including bedtime restrictions, and it even lets you lock kids’ phones when they are supposed to be doing homework. It will also block other apps that you want your kids to stay away from.

Chore Pad
This digital version of a chore chart allows users to assign and track household tasks and motivates kids to complete them. Kids earn stars for a job well done and can save up stars for rewards.

Time Timer
This time tracker turns your smartphone into a visual timer. The red timer ticks away and disappears as time passes, keeping users focused on the task and increasing productivity. Available on iOS.

“Forgot password” can now be a thing of the past. Keep your passwords safe and accessible with the use of this app. The last password you use will be stored in your LastPass account, which is backed up and synced across all devices for access to your passwords. Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox.

Jour: Journal for Mindfulness

Journaling is made easy and at your fingertips with this app for improving mindfulness.
Discover quick, daily questions that are tailored to you with step-by-step approaches to mindfulness, find peace, practice gratitude, set goals and more.

BTES App by Rebecca Louise
Users will be guided through a 28-minute workout each day to tone up, build strength and endurance. Get access to a recommended meal plan, healthy recipes and a shopping list for ease at the grocery store.