Technology is always advancing. Whether it is protecting your online presence, staying on top of your goals or the convenience of telemedicine, these apps are a must-have.

Trending Apps

Encrypted transactions let you pay anyone, anywhere for anything—all completely private. There is no need to share your private information, phone number, email, or even your name, to send or receive money on the app.

Hidden Camera Detector
Find hidden spy cameras, covert devices, GPS trackers, and listening devices on Wi-Fi, local area network or Bluetooth using the proprietary all-in-one IP device scanner.

Signal Messaging App
Signal encrypts messages, end-to-end and also lets you delete conversations after a designated amount of time. Phone calls are encrypted, so no one can listen in.

Jumbo protects your privacy across Twitter, Facebook, Google search and Amazon’s Alexa by posts and photos, search history and Alexa voice recordings.

Put your personal and professional goals into customized, streamlined, trackable action items so you can set your goals in a way that fits your life and schedule.


Receive virtual medical care in the comfort of your own home or from anywhere, 24/7. Simply book an appointment, chat with a doctor on your phone, computer or tablet and any prescriptions needed are sent directly to your pharmacy.