November 26, 1950 – July 28, 2020

“I was introduced to Linda in 1995. I don’t think I would have made it thru all of my ups and downs without her in my corner. She was always a strong, sensitive, giving and caring person. She would have given anything to anybody at any time, day or night. May be one of the best people I have ever met. She has always been my rock and my best friend; my heart hurts every day. My life is not going to be the same without her, the world has lost a true angel.”
~ Cindy Papen-Beard

“I only knew Linda for a very short time but it was a whirlwind romance; a natural fit you might say. We met in March 2018, we fell in love just a few months later. I wound up asking her to marry me on a short trip that we took to San Diego in June of that year and we were married in July 2019. Linda’s kind and loving spirit made it very easy for people to like her and for her to always see the best in people. Her ability to love and understand you was a gift from God. She was a special person, I know, I was her husband.”
~ Michael Gerardi

“Linda, you were a true angel here on earth, you touched many and uplifted all you met. God has given you your wings, and you will live forever in the hearts of those you touched. I will forever cherish memories of you, and the fun, and your bright smile! You always treated your friends like Royalty when you in fact were the Queen.”
~ Billy Joe Arthur

“My once-in-a lifetime friend, Linda Bakel. I’m forever blessed to have shared so many heart-centered, courageously raw and real-life moments with you, Linda. We seemed to lean on each other during our darkest times and always sealed them with ‘I love you my friend.’ You never spoke poorly of or judged anyone. Even when your heart was bruised by those closest to you, you paused, smiled and would say, ‘You know, they are doing the best they know how and my hope is one day they will find their way back to love…’ I miss your radiance, brilliance, wisdom, crazy kind of fun and your unharnessed laughter. I remember when I got a God-nudge that you would fall deeply in love and get married again…your eyes lit up and you giggled like a teenager. How wonderful that Mike Gerardi captured your heart and sealed your love in marriage, sharing the second season of your life together in so much deserved love and companionship!”
~ Denise Marshall

“What I will miss most about Linda is not her infectious laughter, although I can still hear her laughter in my head, instead it is how she exuded love. I will miss her hugs, her great advice, and of course her great laugh; however, it is the love she showed me as her friend that I will miss the most.” 
~ James Lutz

“Linda Bakel was one of the most positive influences I have ever had in my life. It was always a pleasure to be in her company whenever we went to visit Bellagio or any other place. I loved being with her. She created a vision board for me which I absolutely didn’t want to do in the beginning because I didn’t believe in it, but, because of her, I have accomplished a few things that are on that board today. I loved Linda and I feel it’s a huge loss in my life. Linda is missed every day.”
~ Barbara Brighton

“Linda will always be one of God’s special creatures. She showered everyone with her enthusiasm for life, love and joy. I remember interviewing Linda for my show Today’s Woman, and her topic was relationships. She was single at the time and explained that we had to open our hearts to receive love and most of all be patient. The very next day she met Michael. She called me, more excited and sparkly than ever announcing that she had met her soul mate. Linda, I will always love you.”
~ Roselyn Poon

“Linda Bakel, meeting you and creating the connection we had was one of the highlights of my life. You were an inspiration; such a lovely woman! You carried yourself with so much grace, dignity and elegance. You meant so much to so many. You were one of a kind and I feel privileged to have shared some of our life’s journey together. I’m overwhelmed with sadness because you are no longer here to celebrate life with and yet so very grateful for the time we spent together. I love you, my friend! I miss you so much and I thank you for all of the amazing memories. You will forever be missed!”
~ Stephanie Kocher