Fun Bridal Party Activities In Your Pyjamas

There can be more to wedding planning than simply booking caterers and venues and learning vows. It can also be an opportunity to spend time with the family members and friends in your bridal party and do fun activities while wearing personalised pyjamas.

If you’re trying to create the perfect pre-wedding experience, here are a few fun bridal activities to do in your pyjamas.

Movie Night

Any bride-to-be looking for a low-key bridal activity to do in the lead-up to their big day can’t go wrong with a movie night. After gifting all members of your bridal party with a set of personalised pyjamas, you can line up a few movies in your watchlist, buy some treats like popcorn and lollies, and settle in for the evening.

You may even like to make things interesting by purchasing a few bottles of wine. However, having an alcohol-free night may also not be a bad idea if your wedding is just around the corner.

Beauty Treatments

Having bad skin on your wedding day is most bride-to-be’s worst nightmare. While wedding photographers can smooth out your skin on request, it doesn’t hurt to do all you can in the lead-up to the big day to make your skin as healthy as possible.

Therefore, if you’re short of ideas for a low-key bridal party at home, consider trying a few different beauty treatments. You and your best friends can wear face masks, try different creams, and relax with a grazing platter and a glass of wine.

You may even like to have your hair done or facials, book a home-visit masseuse, paint each other’s nails, or schedule a luxurious spa treatment at The Beauty Gallery. There are so many fun, beauty-related things you can do while relaxing at home in your pajamas.

Board Games

You’re never too old for board games. While you’re settling down for a night of fun, bring out a pile of board games that your bridal party will enjoy playing. Monopoly is always a firm favourite, but you can also play cards, Jenga, or even poker as an added layer of fun.

Bridal Games

With a few board games out of the way to unleash some competitive spirit, you may decide to bring out some bridal games to carry on the wedding theme. You’re already in your personalised pyjamas, so you may as well make it a night to remember.

There are plenty of fun games to play, such as guessing love songs based on a snippet of the song or lyrics and guessing quotes from movies. Bride and groom trivia may also be quite an exciting game to play, as can ‘what’s in the bag?’

There are so many different bridal games to play that it can be worth looking online to see if any capture your attention.

Choosing the Best Personalised Pyjamas

If you are getting ready for a fun home-based bridal party, you may be wondering what the best pyjamas are going to be. A satin blend is a preferred option, given how soft and comfortable it is. Typically, these come as singlets, t-shirts, and shorts and can be purchased with ease online.

If the time has come to start planning a fun bridal party, any of these activities above could shoot to the top of your list. Purchase gorgeous personalised pyjamas today, and start planning a night to remember.