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How to Create a Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainability has been on many people’s minds in recent years. We want to use less energy and chemicals, and we want to spend less money. This is all possible with a sustainable landscape design.

What does a sustainable landscape design look like, and how can you create one for yourself? Read on to find out.

Understanding the Principles of Sustainable Landscape Design

Before you can create a landscape design that emphasises sustainability, it helps if you know what it is. Sustainability in a landscape design incorporates many things, such as water saving, energy saving, biodiversity, produce growth, and pollution reduction.

You might incorporate all of these factors into your design or simply a few. However, having an awareness of them all can allow you to put more thought into the design process to make sustainability your priority.

Step 1: Measure

For accuracy and precision when purchasing products for landscaping, and the landscape process itself, make sure you measure everything. Draw the shape of your property and its boundaries on a piece of paper and measure along the edges.

Measuring the positioning of plants and trees that you’ll be keeping in place can also help you decide how to work around them and make the most of the space.

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7 Outstanding Sites You Should Try To Visit Around Ubud

One of the major benefits of choosing to have a holiday in Bali is that you have an almost endless list of places you can visit whilst there. In fact, there are so many of them, that many people insist on returning to Bali on multiple holidays so that they can experience as much of what Bali has to offer as possible.

The diversity of places to visit in Bali is incredible, and your head could be forgiven for spinning as you try to plan out your itinerary. One way to make your planning easier is to focus your attention on the area of Bali that you are staying in, and for the purposes of this article, we are going to look at places that are located in and around Ubud.

Ubud is located towards the southeast of Bali and is a popular location for those tourists who want to experience some of the culture and traditions of Bali such as crafts and cooking. It is also a fantastic base for anyone who wishes to see some of the beauty and splendour of this idyllic island. With this in mind, here are 7 wonderful locations in and around Ubud, that you must try to visit during your time in Bali

Kanto Lampo Waterfall: Bali is famous for its many waterfalls, and one located near Ubud which is a magnet for those who want stunning photographs of this type of natural feature, is Kanto Lampo Waterfall. The sight of the crystal clear water cascading down the rocks is one to behold, and it is also a great location to cool off should you wish to stand within the falls or jump in the natural pool at the bottom.

Campuhan Ridge Walk: For a bit of light exercise, and a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours, you should make your way to Campuhan, where you will find its famous ridge walk. It measures only 1 ¼ miles so it should be suitable for holidaymakers of all ages. The best time to visit is in the late evening when you can take in one of the many stunning sunsets Bali offers.

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5 Steps To Planning Your Ideal Kitchen

If you intend to have a new kitchen designed and fitted in your home, the process to go from the initial decision, through to the kitchen’s completion, can either be a smooth or a rough one. In the case of the latter scenario where things do not run smoothly, there will several reasons which lead to this, all of which are easily avoidable.

Some of the main issues will be a failure to determine what the priorities are for your kitchen, will include a lack of proper planning, not setting a timetable for the whole process, not establishing a budget, and probably the biggest fault, will be not seeking out professional advice.

Of course, if you do the exact opposite of what we have just described, your new kitchen project should run smoothly, run to schedule, be within budget, and the finished kitchen will be something which is a pleasure for you and your family to cook in or eat meals. To help you further, here are some more detailed outlines of the five main steps you should take in planning your ideal kitchen.

Determine Your Kitchen Design Priorities: One of the fundamentals that will help the process go well is to establish the main priorities you have for the kitchen. By this, we mean the style, the layout, what appliances you want including and the colour scheme. By deciding these at an early stage, the rest of the design process will ensure that the main goals for your kitchen are met once it is completed and in use.

Think About Practicalities Such As Power And Plumbing: A well-designed kitchen is not just about the visuals and by that we mean choosing the cabinet door design and worktop colours. Given the nature of what is done in a kitchen, the practicalities must be considered, with the most important being plumbing, electrics, and gas. There is no point in having a beautiful kitchen if it does not function properly due to oversight relating to the basic utilities.

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5 Exercise Activities That Can Be Done During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in a person’s life when many of their normal activities might take a back seat and that may include a postponement of their exercise and fitness routines. It is often thought that whilst pregnant, women should not be partaking in anything physical in nature, however, that is not the case for most individuals.

An expectant mother may be advised by her doctor to refrain from physical activity due to a medical condition or an enhanced risk to her or her unborn baby’s wellbeing that exists. However, for the majority of pregnant women exercise is not only possible but is encouraged. With this in mind, we thought we should highlight outline some exercise activities that can be done during pregnancy.

However, before we go into the details we must make the disclaimer that before undertaking any exercise, including those that follow, every expectant mother should seek the advice of their doctor to ascertain if there are any medical reasons why they should not. So, do not do any of the following exercise activities until you have been given the green light to do so from the medical professional who is advising you during your pregnancy.


One of the core objectives of Pilates is to improve a person’s posture and balance. These become even more prevalent during pregnancy, especially as your baby grows larger. Pilates can help strengthen your core muscles including your pelvic muscles which can be invaluable during childbirth. Pilates will also help improve your posture as you are walking, something you will be especially grateful for in the latter stages of your pregnancy.

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7 Amazing Activities In Canggu Everyone Can Enjoy

In the southwest corner of Bali, you will find Canggu, which is a location that you could describe as ‘recently discovered’ by tourists. One of the reasons it has become so popular is that it manages to combine several different facets of a holiday and provide them all in one area.

Whether you like to chill in bars, discover the delights of local crafts and traditions, or love nothing more than heading to the beach to surf the waves, then Canggu is a location which can tick the box for each of these. It also has many excellent restaurants, modern holiday villas and more than its fair share of small shops where you can spend hours browsing for souvenirs and other local wares.

To give you further insights into the many activities that Canggu can offer tourists here are 7 which we hope are diverse enough to include at least one activity for everyone to enjoy.

Go Surfing: One of the reasons Bali is so popular with those who love water sports is that there are plenty of opportunities to go surfing. Canggu is certainly one of those places and in fact, it actually has three top surfing spots. These are Berawa Beach, Batu Balong Beach, and Echo Beach which is the beach most suitable for intermediate surfers.

Visit Pura Tanah Lot Temple: Situated on the top of a rock formation, the Tannah Lot Temple is a popular tourist attraction as well as remaining a religious place for locals who pray to the sea gods. Should you visit in the evening you should have the opportunity to experience the sunset and in particular, viewing the sea turn gold in colour

Browse The La Laguna Gypsy Market: This is a shopping opportunity and an entertainment event all experienced on the same day. The market has over 150 stalls that sell a vast array of different ecological and organic products including spices, coffees, and foods. There is also live music, magic shows, face painting and if you feel peckish, a barbecue.

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Best Landscape Design Elements for Entertaining

While some people put time and effort into their gardens and landscape design to enjoy a picturesque garden, others want a space that’s far more functional. A garden doesn’t have to be just pretty; it can also be an extension of your home’s interior where you spend time with loved ones.

The hardest part about creating an outdoor area for entertaining is coming up with a winning landscape design. If you need a helping hand, any of these elements can be worth incorporating into your sketches.

Hardscape Elements

The more hardscape elements you have in your backyard, the less gardening you will have to do. Hardscapes incorporate features like pathways, retaining walls, benches, water features, and even swimming pools.

If you prefer a more ‘lock up and leave’ style property for minimal maintenance, you may choose to include a combination of many of these elements into your landscape design.

Partitioning & Shelter

When you plan on spending a lot of time outside, protection from the elements is crucial. Most homeowners aim to create a space that will be just as comfortable in warm weather as it would be in cold weather.

You may be able to create such a space with the use of partitioning and shelter. Privacy screens, pergolas, and simple structures can provide both shelter and privacy while giving your entertainment area a dedicated space on your property.

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5 Key Facts About Corporate Receivership

Whilst a business having the legal status of a corporation gives it many advantages and protections under commercial law, that does not mean it is entirely immune from problems and difficulties. One of the most common areas where disputes can arise concerning the finances of a corporation is how its assets are distributed to its shareholders and its secured creditors.

These decisions are usually made by the board, but if there is a disagreement between how the board wish to distribute a corporation’s assets, and its shareholders, then under commercial law a shareholder or group of shareholders can request that the corporation be placed into receivership.

What Is Corporate Receivership?

Receivership means that the legal status of a corporation has been changed by a court. Its effect is to place the assets of a corporation under court-appointed control to ensure assets are not misused or misappropriated by its directors. Receivership is often requested by shareholders or secured creditors when they believe that the assets of a company in which they own shares or are owed money are going to be sold off cheaply or to parties with which they do not agree.

Who Controls A Receivership?

Unsurprisingly the person who is appointed to be in control of receivership is called a receiver. They are appointed by a court via court order and this court order issues them with formal rights and obligations which they must perform during the period of receivership. Apart from them being obliged to use due diligence and act in good faith at all times, specific examples of the main rights and obligations of a receiver include:

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How to have a Zero Waste Christmas

We all love a good Christmas don’t we? Crackers, loads of tinsel, beautifully wrapped presents, and heaps of delicious food and drink. But with all this good cheer have you ever thought about the impact Christmas has on our planet? It is estimated that Australians are going to spend over $22.1 billion dollars this year just on Christmas – wrapping, christmas crackers, throwaway gifts …the list goes on. Christmas happens but once a year but the plastic that comes with it can last up to 1000 years in landfill! Here are a few simple ways you can reduce your environmental footprint this Christmas:

Stop buying cling film and invest in BPA free reusable containers or use beeswax wraps which will keep those leftovers fresh for Boxing Day. Try Ever Eco Bento Stainless Steel Boxes or Apriwraps – beautifully printed organic cottons coated with a unique compound of natural food ingredients to create traditional waxed cotton kitchen wraps. Apiwraps seal onto themselves, on to glass, metal & crockery. They can be used to cover a bowl of left overs in the fridge, wrap a sandwich for work, seal up half a watermelon or to wrap delicate herbs to store.

Yep Christmas is messy but forget the ‘handee’ paper towel in plastic wrapping and use Sumo Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Towel instead. Made from 100% recycled fibre produced from a mix of consumer and trade waste using chlorine-free processing. The towel comes in 100% compostable wrap making the packaging sustainable, renewable, non-polluting and non-toxic. This super-absorbent, great value jumbo roll lasts as long as three regular kitchen rolls. Ecoleaf work in partnership with Treesponsibility to minimize the environmental impact of their products.

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Fun Bridal Party Activities In Your Pyjamas

There can be more to wedding planning than simply booking caterers and venues and learning vows. It can also be an opportunity to spend time with the family members and friends in your bridal party and do fun activities while wearing personalised pyjamas.

If you’re trying to create the perfect pre-wedding experience, here are a few fun bridal activities to do in your pyjamas.

Movie Night

Any bride-to-be looking for a low-key bridal activity to do in the lead-up to their big day can’t go wrong with a movie night. After gifting all members of your bridal party with a set of personalised pyjamas, you can line up a few movies in your watchlist, buy some treats like popcorn and lollies, and settle in for the evening.

You may even like to make things interesting by purchasing a few bottles of wine. However, having an alcohol-free night may also not be a bad idea if your wedding is just around the corner.

Beauty Treatments

Having bad skin on your wedding day is most bride-to-be’s worst nightmare. While wedding photographers can smooth out your skin on request, it doesn’t hurt to do all you can in the lead-up to the big day to make your skin as healthy as possible.

Therefore, if you’re short of ideas for a low-key bridal party at home, consider trying a few different beauty treatments. You and your best friends can wear face masks, try different creams, and relax with a grazing platter and a glass of wine.

You may even like to have spa treatments, book a home-visit masseuse, and paint each other’s nails. There are so many fun, beauty-related things you can do while relaxing at home in your pyjamas.

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7 Core SEO Actions Every Local Business Needs To Do For Google Rankings

One of the most significant benefits of how Google creates its search rankings is that it allows local businesses to compete on an even playing field. By that, we do not mean a local cafe can compete with Starbucks on the global stage, but it most certainly can in its local catchment area.

The reason for this is that Google will take into account the location of the person searching for a search term such as “local coffee shop”. Taking that a stage further, if the search includes a local town, district. or area, once again the small, local cafe business has the opportunity to be at the top of the rankings, ahead of the corporate giants, but with the caveat that it must have its SEO for local searches all in place.

This would usually mean approaching a local SEO agency and giving them the task of boosting your website’s rankings, however, you need to know exactly what it is you are asking them to do. So, here are seven of the most important elements of ranking a website for a local business, which you must ensure your SEO agency implements.

Backlinking: Backlinks influence a website’s rankings enormously so it stands to reason that you will want a comprehensive backlink strategy in place. The key here is remembering the quality of the backlinks impact rankings more than the number of backlinks, so ensure that established, authoritative websites are prioritised.

On-Site Optimisations: Top rankings start at home, or more specifically, your own website. There are a plethora of on-site optimisations that can boost your SEO and subsequently your rankings so a plan to have everything from your content to your website’s metadata in place, accurate, and optimised for keywords, is essential.

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