art in the landscape of vegas
Exploring a new artistic direction with the emergence of street art on The Strip for the first time, in addition to Burning Man creations, local musicians, dancers and one-of-a-kind artistic structures.

Las Vegas Arts Guide
Centaur Art Galleries is the oldest Las Vegas art gallery featuring the works of master and contemporary artists as well as a place to enjoy fine art.

Artist with paintings
Ever since she was a child, Beti Kristof knew she would be creative. Today, Kristof has made her dreams come true by becoming a celebrated artist and published author. She has also just accomplished another goal, finishing her screenplay.

Bellagio Femme de profil gauche a la chevelure bleue
>Along with a thriving local art scene, Las Vegas is the place to see famous artists and their works that transcend time and place.

arts guide summer 2015
Ambubuyog has always been painting and drawing, obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art and interactive multimedia from Columbia College Chicago and attended the Art Institute Chicago.

Cat Traen 4
Cat Traen: Artist, teacher, mentor and living her childhood dream

Lisa Dittrich FW Two Mittens
Lisa Dittrich creates diversity in her art from kitties to zombies

Arts Guide Fall 2014
Artist Stacy Rink has been described as a sparkly, fluffy unicorn with a funky dark side. She’s mysterious, almost mythical, and her art is amazing and incredibly controversial more often than not.

arts guide las vegas summer 2014
Her present body of work should be seen and experienced. Its bold, unique, earthy, surreal versus treality style is something that many artists work their entire careers to achieve and never quite solidly hit the mark as well.

>Who would have known that the birth of a little girl on a cold Valentine’s Day in Brooklyn would have so much impact on Las Vegas just a few years later? Gina Quaranto was destined for great things: a major driving force of positive change in the Arts District and the curator of Blackbird Arts, Inc. also known as Blackbird Studios.