Rolinda Ann Bakel
Choosing is hard. Waltz into any department store and your head will spin from the overwhelming selection of products plumped with promises to infuse your life with beauty.

Range Rover
If you could pick a vehicle that was equally pleasurable and convenient to own under any weather conditions thrown at it year after year, what would you choose? The Range Rover Evoque, without a doubt. What would you do? Where would you go?

When you fell in love and you were proposed to, it was likely just the two of you; intimate, romantic, and private. The upside to social distancing is allowing you to forfeit the big glam wedding and get back to where it all started: intimate and romantic

Trending Beauty & Fashion
Although staying home has changed many daily routines, self-care should not be forgotten. Here are some of our finds just for that!

Trending Lifestyle
Now is the perfect time to discover something new to freshen up your kitchen, liven up your cocktail, organize your life or take your face mask style to the next level.

Trending Health & Fitness
With group workouts and gyms still a concern for many, at-home workouts continue to gain popularity. Focus on your fitness with our top picks.

Touch deprivation
The skin is the largest organ in the body. It has millions of touch receptors that send signals to the brain each time you touch something or somebody, or they touch you.

Trending Apps
Between working from home, schooling at home and working out at home, things are bound to get confusing and likely forgotten. Apps are here to make our lives easier and more convenient. Whether it is setting screen time limits, starting up new chores, journaling or working out, our selection of trending apps will help you stay on track.

Money Under Stress
I know firsthand what it is like to be overwhelmed with money worries. Seven years ago, my now ex-husband was unemployed, our credit score tanked, our home was sold at a short sale, we were drowning in credit card debt and living off of my IRA money.

Cover Story
COVID-19 has changed the world and certainly the practice of medicine. One short year ago, Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit health system, acquired HealthCare Partners Nevada.